Summer Filmmaking Camps at New York Film Academy


The NYFA’s filmmaking summer camp is great for teens who plan on pursuing such a career after high school or who are just interested in the process of making movies. This camp is open to teens aged 14-17 and there are several schedules to choose from that can fit both your time and your budget requirements. You and your child can choose from:

– 1 week AMC workshop
– 4 week workshop
– 6 week workshop
– 6 week Sync Sound workshop
– 12 weekend workshop


Tuition for the NYFA’s filmmaking program ranges from $1,500 for a 1 week or 12 weekend workshop to $6,900 for a 6-week workshop.

Areas Covered

Teens will get to spend part of their day in a classroom learning techniques and the other half of their day putting these techniques into action! Areas covered include:

– Directing
– Writing
– Hands-on camera
– Hands-on lighting (film stocks, exposure meters, basic lighting, lenses, coverage, and black and white contrast filters)


One major benefit of the camp is that teens who plan to continue their education at the college level can use their portfolio of projects completed at the camp to apply to major filmmaking programs around the world. This may give the student a well-guided portfolio that they may not have had otherwise. This will help to raise their confidence and their chances of getting into such a program.

Although students need not have any previous experience or training in filmmaking, they should be prepared to completely involve themselves in the process during their time at camp. Everything they do will be centered around filmmaking as the goal is to complete absorb them in it, so that they may experience as much as possible.

The NYFA’s filmmaking summer camp will give your future director or filmmaker a true taste of how much fun making a film can be, a group of friends who share their love for film, and memories to last a lifetime.

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