Summer Kitchen Makeover: Gingham Painted Wall

This is the beginning of summer and your kitchen hasn’t changed in years. The same walls, furniture, and accessories. You’ve tried to change your kitchen here and there, but nothing really helps. You need big money to redo a kitchen and it’s not in the budget, at present, right? Wrong. Many people spend thousands of dollars attempting to create a dramatic first impression, only to regret wasting the money. Years later, they want a new look. A kitchen with a personal touch defines a home. A place where people feel good to be in. Whether it be painting the walls, changing accessories, or a new floor, redecorating can be a summer family project. Whatever your plans, it does’nt have to cost you a fortune to make a huge difference.

I have a few inexpensive tricks that will brighten your kitchen.


Gingham is a country style fabric, thats been used to decorate walls for years. You don’t need fabric to imitate the classic look, use whatever paint that suits your style. All you need to do is cut the paint roller in half so to paint to strips at the same time. First horizonically, then vertical. Your kitchen will come alive.

white latex paint
paint roller (your size)
craft knife
paint tray
your favorite color paint
spirit (for carpenters)

1. First you’ll need to paint the kitchen with white latex paint. Take your paint roller from it’s handle. Wrap a piece of tape around the center of the roller foam.

2. Get your craft knife and cut through the foam, the edges of the tape is your guide on each side. Cut all the way around both edges of tape.

3. Now, all you need to do is peel off the tape with the foam attached to it and place the foam back on it’s roller. You should have a perfect hole in the middle of your foam.

4. Fill your paint tray with your favorite paint and place your paint roller in it. You shold start painting as close to the top of the wall as you can. Don’t worry, you can patch up the areas you can’t reach with the sponge. Paint even, vertical stripes. Let dry.

5. While painting the horizontal stripes, use your spirit, to keep them straight. Let dry.

That’s it. Even with your same furniture, your kitchen will have a brand new look. Attach two to three of your favorite plates to the wall to make it personal and your done.

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