Summer School

It’s getting very close to the end of this school year. Many parents and children are hearing the dreaded words “SUMMER SCHOOL”. These words need not be dreaded! Here’s why…

Summer school is a program that HELPS your child. It is not a punishment for not doing well enough. Not at all. If your child’s teacher has recommended summer school be sure to emphasize to yourself, and to your child that it just means a little extra help may be needed.

Sometimes summer school is advised for reasons other than help needed. In many cases when teachers recommend summer school it is because they don’t want to see the child slip on their skills over the summer vacation. It’s because they know that the student is a promising student and want to child to live up to their full potential.

Most summer school programs are held for about four weeks, over summer vacation. In most cases summer school is held at your childs school. Many school offer full, or at least partial transportation. There may be designated bus pick up and drop off spots that are very close to your home, or the school bus may come directly to your home for both pick up and drop off.

The summer school program is run by the teachers and staff of the school. It is actually a wonderful opportunity for any child, whether they are behind or not. Summer school is a little bit more fun than school is during the school year. The days are usually shorter, and the are snacks provided.

In some cases summer school is mandatory. This means that if your child is required to attend summer school and does not retention may result. Summer school can allow your child to progress onto the next grade in this type of situation.

Anyway you look at it, summer school is a blessing, not a curse. If your child’s teacher recommends summer school don’t be upset. Be thankful that they care enough about your child to want them to have this extra learning opportunity. 🙂

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