Super Bowl Sunday For Ladies Only

Each year the Super Bowl transcends party lines, team loyalty, even religious differences, and becomes an unofficial national holiday as footballs gather around the big screen television for a Super Bowl Party. Such parties are big on beer and brats, pizza and pretzels, chips and dips, hot wings, and five alarm chili, male bonding, and armchair quarterbacks but it doesn’t have to be so. Women, unite, and have an all-girl Super Bowl Bash of our own.

As increasing numbers of women become football fans, we find ourselves tuning into the Super Bowl like any other red-blooded American. It’s been established that men and women have a different outlook on many things, however, and football is no different. Super Bowl Parties where the guys debate team merits and player qualities as they guzzle down a few brews are not always ladies’ choice. Rather than spend Super Bowl Sunday gathered around the kitchen TV or escape to a shopping spree with football widows, it’s time to make a few Super Bowl traditions of our own.

Plan an all-girls party. If the man in your life is heading off to a friend’s place to watch the Super Bowl or you’re single, claim location. Next, invite all your like-minded gal pals to your own Super Bowl Party. Don’t feel like you have to serve the traditional fare – be unique and think female.

Combine a Super Bowl Party with a catalog party – Home Interiors, Avon, or other home party event. Pass around the catalogs or display the merchandise while the game goes on – after all, women invented multi-tasking! Or, focus on the food. Be creative and indulge.

Instead of brats and beer, consider having a wine and cheese party while watching the top ranked teams fight it out at the Super Bowl. Ask every girl who’s coming to bring a different wine and put together a cheese tray. This is a great way to discover different wines and to try a different vintage.

Another option is Chocolate Super Bowl! Make chocolate the theme food of the day. Serve hot chocolate. Bake brownies, eat chocolate bars, and have devils-food-cake! Ask the gals to bring along some Rocky Road ice cream or Chocolate Revel. Buy, beg, or borrow a chocolate fountain or make a chocolate fondue. Chocolate rocks and the rich, sweet taste has never been better than eaten while watching big hunks play football!

Veggie chicks can put out vegetable trays with all the favorite fresh vegs and dipping sauces. Fried mushrooms are another tasty treat that could be eaten as is or dipped in a smooth ranch sauce.

Other menu options for an all girls Super Bowl Sunday include hot baked breads (think breads, crescents, croissants, French bread, hot rolls, biscuits, scones, or muffins) served with sweet cream butter, a low-fat spread, jams and jellies, or a cinnamon spread. Perk up a pot of fresh coffee or serve a variety of teas for a tasty treat. Enjoy a traditional English style tea while watching two teams vie for the top prize!

Forget diets, forget cholesterol, forget fat grams for the day and indulge in favorite foods. Think fried chicken or chicken tenders, French fries, fried fruit pies, onion rings, fried veggies, doughnuts, and other fat-laden but oh, so good delights.
Have a pizza comparison. Order in pizza from the top chains like Pizza Hut and others. Compare crusts, try different toppings, and decide which pizza pleases your crowd the most.

Comfort foods are another crowd-pleasing favorite. Mashed potatoes with gravy, meatloaf, chicken and noodles, and casseroles are an option for gals who want to enjoy something solid while cheering on the team.

Deli trays are another option. Order up a meat and cheese tray with favorites like roast beef, roast turkey, ham, pastrami, and various cheeses. Pair it with some rye, whole wheat, and other breads for a self-serve sandwich buffet!

Go with an ethnic theme like Mexican, Thai, Greek, Italian, or Jamaican. Decorate in keeping with the theme and serve up scrumptious foods. Order out or have everyone bring a dish.

Have a fruit feast. Ask everyone to bring a different kind of fruit. Try the basics like apples, oranges, and grapes and include everything from plums to pomengrates.

For total success, have a designated babysitter, someone who doesn’t care about the game. Park the kids in a bedroom or basement rec room with videos or games so mom can enjoy the party without distraction. Leaving the tots with a sitter before leaving home is another option.

Other ideas to incorporate into a female only Super Bowl Party include a few fun bets between friends, brag books of favorite photos to pass around, and be sure to watch the commercials, one of the fun features of each year’s Super Bowl game.
Last but far from least, ogle the players. Pick your favorite player and talk about his best features. With all girls in the house don’t be afraid to call out comments about nice tight rear ends and comment on just how well some of the guys fill out those uniforms!

Super Bowl Sunday doesn’t have to be male dominated. Gals can plan their own version and enjoy in a way that is all feminine.

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