Surprising Household Cleaners, From Shaving Cream to Club Soda

With spring cleaning time around the corner, it is the perfect time to start looking for tips and suggestions on making the process as easy as possible to have the best-looking house possible. It is oftentimes surprising how the strangest things around the house make the best household cleaners. Some of the cleaners are more surprising than others; however, they all have very useful purposes.

Alcohol: Not your bottle of vodka either, but rubbing alcohol is great for grass stains and a few other odd and end stains around the house.

Ammonia: Sweat stains are no match against ammonia; this will take care of even the worst stains.

Automatic Dishwasher Detergent: This has been touted before as the next best thing to bleach to whiten and brighten your laundry. Dissolve the detergent into water and soak the clothes in it before laundering.

Baking Soda: This does not deal so much with stains, as it removes odors from clothes. Nothing can make a bad day worse than smelly laundry. Put some in the wash to remove the funky smells.

Club Soda: This is great on fabrics, clothing especially to get out stains like wine, ketchup and other food based stains. In carpets and such it brings the stain to the surface making it easy to clean as long as it is quickly cleaned. Best news is its even safe on Dry Clean only fabrics.

Cream of Tartar: This is great when mixed with lemon juice to tackle nasty rust stains on clothes, and can be used as a spot treatment bleach substitute.

Denture Cleaning Tablets: This is once again a great bleach substitute, the same thing that makes it great for dentures; make it work wonderful on white clothes, and tablecloths to remove food stains.

Liquid Dishwashing Detergent: Just normal liquid dishwashing detergent is a wonderful stain treater for spot treating many types of stains. Use full strength for best results.

Glycerin: With this it’s possible to easily remove tar, tree sap, juice stains, ketchup, mustard and other nasty and hard to tackle stains without spending forever.

GOJO Crème: This is great for removing grease stains and oil. Think mechanic, or auto repair or similar.

Hydrogen Peroxide: This is great for removing bloodstains, the fresher the stain the better the results will be. One way to mix is combining ½ cup of hydrogen peroxide and 1 teaspoon of ammonia to get one killer stain remover.

Lemon Juice: This is another bleach alternative that works wonders with natural ingredients and a great fresh smell.

Salt: Strange as it sounds, salt poured on a red wine stain is supposed to keep it from staining until the item can be laundered. Trying to remove a mildew stain? Mix the salt with lemon juice for easy mildew removal.

Shampoo: This is great for collar stains, mud, and make up stains. Any brand will do no point in spending loads of money on this purpose.

Shaving Cream: This is nothing more than whipped soap, which means it, is a wonderful cleaner for lots of stains.

WD-40 Lubricant: Yes, you read that correctly, I said WD-40; this is great for grease stains, lipstick, crayon, etc. Do not use on silk under any circumstances, this will likely ruin the garment.

White Vinegar: This is a great and cheap cleaner for suede. Works wonderfully without the huge price tag most leather cleaners come with. Can also be used as a fabric softener. Use ¼ cup in the final rinse of a wash for soft fabrics.

These are just a few of the great household cleaners that are around. Notice that not once were any standard cleaners mentioned. The purpose of this list is things you can use to clean that are probably already in your house now. Often times these strange cleaners work better for specialty stains than cleaners purchased from the stores.

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