Surprising Simple Uses for White Vinegar

For decades, plain white vinegar has been used in households as a mild, nonabrasive cleaning agent. But did you know it has a variety of health and beauty uses as well? Here are a few surprising benefits of this clear liquid.

– Dab a little white vinegar on a cotton ball to immediately take the sting out of mosquito and insect bites.

– Treat chest colds or sinus infections by using ¼ cup or more of vinegar in a vaporizer.

– Soothe a sore throat by putting a teaspoon of vinegar in water. Gargle, and then swallow.

– Cure the sting of a sunburn by soaking a washcloth in vinegar and applying to the affected area. Repeat as necessary.

– Swallow one tablespoon or vinegar to cure hiccups immediately.

– Clean the hoses and unclog soap scum in your washing machine by once a month pouring in a cup of vinegar, and then running a normal cycle without clothing.

– Make nylon pantyhose last longer by adding one tablespoon vinegar to the rinse water when washing.

– Deodorize your kitchen drain by pouring one cup of vinegar down it, once a week. Allow it to sit for thirty minutes, and then rinse with cold water.

– Prevent that unsightly soapy film on your glassware by placing a cup of vinegar on the bottom rack of your dishwasher. Run for five minutes, then run through a full cycle.

– No-wax linoleum flooring will sparkle if mopped with ½ cup vinegar in ½ gallon water.

– For a family and pet friendly bathroom cleaner, use straight vinegar. This works well for toilet bowls, as well as any shower or tub residue. Rinse well with water.

– Unclog a shower head by unscrewing it and removing the rubber washer. Place in a pan filled with equal parts water and vinegar, and boil for five minutes. Allow the shower head to cool, and then reinstall with the rubber washer.

– Get streak free windows by spraying with straight vinegar. Use newsprint to dry, versus paper towels.

– Remove decals or bumper stickers by soaking a cloth in vinegar and then placing over the item you want to remove. Allow ten minutes for the vinegar to soak in, and the decal should then be easy to peel off.

– Rings from drinks being placed on wood furniture can easily be removed by a mixture of equal parts olive oil and vinegar directly on the wood. Rub with the grain of the wood, and then polish.

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