Survey: In a Heat Wave, Men Prefer Air Conditioning to Date with Super Model

At the request of the Coors Brewing Company, on-line survey service Zoomerang recently sent e-mail surveys to screened respondents, being certain they were at least 21 years old, male and living in or near one of 10 cities: Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Sacramento and San Antonio. The press release says nearly 1,700 men in the demographics completed the survey.

Dubbed the Coors Light survey, the results indicated that American men know what they prefer when it comes to coping with summertime heat waves. The survey respondents ranged in age from 21 to 44 and indicated they would consider several options to either cope with or escape the heat: move to a cooler climate, plan a vacation to the cool casinos in Las Vegas, consume cold and refreshing beverages, put sport bags of ice on their heads, freeze their clothes before wearing them, or soak in a tub filled with ice.

Surprisingly, the survey also found that almost 75 percent of the men would rather have air conditioning in their homes during sweltering temperatures than win a date with a super model.

More than 44 percent of the men who took the survey chose having a cold, refreshing drink (presumably beer) as their number one way to beat the heat and cool off. The Coors Light survey found that 38 percent of the men preferred to cool down by being immersed in a pool of ice cold beer, rather than a pool fill with just ice.

In terms of ways to keep their beer cold, the survey respondents chose everything from putting their beer in the river, a creek, or the ocean, to using their fish tank, to adding salt to their ice chest.

The survey also found that 57 percent of the men who responded start looking for ways to cool off when the temperature reaches 80-90 degrees. Some 26 percent of the men hold out until the temperature is above 90 degrees. More than 50 percent say the hot weather makes them impatient, and their least favorite thing to do during hot weather is mow the lawn.

Sara Mirelez is Coors Light brand director. She is quoted in the press release as saying: “Beer drinkers want the coldest, most refreshing beer possible, especially during the hot summer months. To address this, Coors Light, the World’s Most Refreshing Beer, recently launched the Cold Activated Bottle. This bottle has special ink on the label that turns the mountains from white to blue when the beer is cold enough to drink, preventing adult consumers from ever drinking a warm beer again.”

Coors Brewing Company in Golden, Colo., is a subsidiary of Molson Coors Brewing Company and the third largest brewer in the U.S. Coors Light is one of the company’s eight brands.


Coors Brewing Company, This Summer Men are Putting More Importance on Air Conditioning than a Date with a Super Model;

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