Survivor Exile Island on CBS: A Shocking Tribal Council

On Survivor Exile Island Shane was shocked when they voted Courtney out, so he confronted Cirie, and she stuck with the story her and Aras decided to go with. They told Shane they didn’t have time to tell him, because they were leaving for Tribal Council and he was off by himself. In his conversation with Cirie, Shane saidâÂ?¦

“You should have run up and told me what was up. Now, me, you and Aras have the numbers.”
“Right,” Cirie responded.
“Okay, so in the next Immunity, if Terry wins, then Danielle goes?” Terry asked Cirie.
“Right,” Cirie answered.
“You’re not tryin to pull no fastâÂ?¦”
“Come on now,” Cirie interrupted.

I hope they all team up against Shane and vote him off. Even though I want to see Danielle go too, I would rather see Shane go next, and then Danielle. I can’t even understand how they’ve tolerated Shane for this long. He’s bossy and arrogant. In my opinion, I think he’s a little crazy. I mean the man has gone as far as making threats earlier in the game. How much more can they actually tolerate from him?

After Shane confronted Cirie about them voting Courtney out, he then said he was happy she was gone. He even said “it couldn’t have happened to a loopier broad.”

Terry expressed the fact that he had no problem with Danielle being the next on the chopping block. He wasn’t happy with her because she broke the alliance that he, she and Courtney had together.

For this week’s reward challenge, Survivor Exile Island took elements from the past challenges, and put them all together as an obstacle course. And the winner of this week’s challenge got to choose who received love from their loved one, and also, how much love the survivors would get. Terry won reward, and he made the following choices on who got love and how much love they got:

Two loved ones got to go with their survivor on an overnight stay. Terry chose himself and his wife for this one. And Terry’s next choice was Shane and his son. I thought that was a good choice on Terry’s part.

Next, one survivor got to take their loved one back to camp to see how they’ve been living. Terry chose Cirie and her husband for this one.

Finally, Terry had a difficult choice to make with the remaining two survivors. He had to choose which of the remaining two got only a hug from their loved one, and the other got nothing but the distance between them and their loved one. Terry chose for Aras to get the hug from his mom, and Danielle was the one left with only the distance between herself and her mom. In addition, Danielle was also sent to Exile Island.

Once Terry made his final decision, Aras immediately embraced his mom. Aras asked his mom, while he hugged her, if she would have five dinners on the table for him when he gets home. And of course, like any mother would say, she told him he could have anything he wanted.

I think Terry made good choices. He was very generous. Although, Aras and Danielle may not have agreed, but honestly, I think Terry done the right thing.

While on Exile Island, Danielle was pretty ticked off at Terry. She was so mad at him that she got a coconut and machete. Danielle then took the machete to the coconut saying it was Terry’s head.

Back at the camp, Cirie and Aras showed Cirie’s husband (H.B.) just how they had been living and I think it really surprised him. Of course, like Cirie, H.B. had never been out in the wilderness either. Cirie even said that H.B. was a “couch potato.”

Meanwhile, Shane and his son (Austin) enjoyed their time together. In addition, Terry and his wife (Trish) also enjoyed their alone time. Trish said she couldn’t wait to get Terry’s beard off him, and get him back to his “hot looking,” “studly” self again.

The next morning Cirie put H.B. to work while she and Aras rested. She had him gathering wood, getting food, getting water and etc… They wore the poor guy out. I tell ya, he definitely got to experience what his wife has been experiencing. And you know what, I think I know who “wears the pants” in that household. That’s right, Cirie. It was hilarious, but what was even funnier was when Cirie said, “he likes it. He doesn’t mind.” And H.B.’s responses to the cameras were, “Cirie and Aras has been working me like a dog, and it’s bugging me a little bit. It’s like, Hunny Bunny, can you go get us some water? Hunny Bunny, can you get us some more twigs? Hunny Bunny, can you cut this coconut? Hunny Bunny, can you scale this fish. I’m like, aw gosh you’re killing me out here.” What was really sweet though, was when H.B. had to leave. He cried and called Cirie his “hero.” Now if that wasn’t love I don’t know what is.

When Terry returned to the camp he explained to Cerie, Aras and Shane why he delegated the time like he did. And he said, about Danielle seeing her mom, “Danielle’s 24 years old and it was only her mom.” However, Aras didn’t agree with Terry’s explanation on the “mom” issue. His response to the cameras was, “you won your reward. Congratulations, you got to be with your wife. I didn’t get to be with my mom, so have a little bit of sympathy and understanding.” Then, after Aras’ comments to the cameras, he continued to lecture Terry about his explanation regarding the moms. It appeared that Terry made Aras very angry. All I thought was give it up Aras and let go. Gesh!

The Immunity Challenge this week required the survivors to stand on a very small perch that was on top of a 20 foot pole in the water. While standing on the perch, the survivors had to lower a bucket into the water, and their bucket had to be filled with water. Then, after filling their bucket with water, they had to pull the bucket back up toward them and poor it into a narrow bamboo shoot. As the shoot filled with water the flag rose and it got higher each time the survivors successfully filled their bamboo with water. The first person to successfully reach their flag and hold it over their head won Immunity. The survivors had only one rule� their feet had to remain on the perch, but their butt and knees could not touch the perch or they would be out of the challenge.

Terry was the first one to have his flag start to rise, and Shane, like always, stayed in last place. If you watched Shane you would have noticed that each time he poured water into his bamboo he missed the bamboo completely.

Terry, for the fifth time in row, won Immunity! “What a relief! I’ve had the hugest target on my back. Now, the pressure is off,” Terry said.

While back at camp, Aras and Cirie assured Shane they were going to stick with their original plan by voting Danielle off. And of course, because Danielle betrayed Terry, Terry was also going to vote for Danielle. But when the votes were revealed at Tribal Council, Shane got another shocker – he became the 12’th person voted out of Survivor Exile Island on CBS. Everyone, except for Terry, voted for Shane, and Terry’s vote was for Danielle. It looks as if the remaining survivors had all that could stand of Shane, and I got my wish, Shane was voted off.

A devastated and shocked Shane gave his final words: “UhhâÂ?¦I got duked. I was blind sided. I really thought Me, Aras and Cirie wereâÂ?¦uhhâÂ?¦locked in. This will be the toughest thing I will ever do in the history of my life.”

Now were down to the final four – Terry, Danielle, Aras and Cirie. Be sure to watch Survivor Exile Island on CBS next Thursday (7:00 p.m. CST), and find out who the final three will be. We know who one will be, regardless of what happens. You guessed it, Terry.

How about a little fun? Post your comment and let me know who you predict will be the final two. Also, let me know who you predict will be the “ultimate survivor.” My predictionâÂ?¦Cirie and Terry will be the final two, and Terry will be the “ultimate survivor.”

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