Survivor Exile Island on CBS – April 13, 2006

Austin was sent home at the previous night’s Tribal Council, and now only Sally and Terry are the remaining two from the ex-La Mina tribe. Turns out Danielle didn’t take the deal from Terry the previous night, and Terry still has the hidden Immunity Idol. However, like I said earlier onâÂ?¦I thought Terry was making a huge mistake by telling too many people about the Idol. Why do I say this? Well, because while Terry was telling his stories about his days as a Navy fighter pilot, Danielle, Courtney and Cirie were discussing other things in the nearby shelter. Danielle decided to tell Cirie and Courtney that Terry showed her the hidden Immunity Idol the night before, and to prove it she began rummaging through Terry’s bag, looking for the hidden Immunity Idol to show to Courtney and Cirie. However, Danielle was unsuccessful – the hidden Immunity Idol was not in Terry’s bag, and she told Courtney and Cirie she didn’t know where Terry had hidden it, but that he did show it to her the previous night.

Before the Reward Challenge, Jeff gave the remaining players a little sample of what they would win – tapes from home. A short part of the tapes were shown to each of them. The winners would not only get to see the rest of the tapes, Jeff explained to them, but they would also get peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and cold milk to enjoy while they watched the rest of their tape. In addition, the winning team, as always, got to decide who would be sent to Exile Island for the night.

Shane, Cirie, Danielle and Aras started out in the lead, but they lost their lead when Aras knocked one of the flags out of the hole. Danielle hurried to put the flag back and was catching back up until Cirie knocked out another flag, and this costed them the game, leaving Courtney, Terry, Bruce and Sally as the winners, and Aras the one sent to Exile Island.

While Courtney, Terry, Bruce and Sally were enjoying their reward and Aras was stuck on the Island, Shane had developed a slight problem. Shane complained of redness on his lower regions, and he insisted that the nurse take a look. Cirie unenthusiastically agreed to take a look, but in the process she laughed uncontrollably at the whole situation. “I tried to be as professional as I could under the circumstances, but it was just so hilarious!” Cirie told the cameras. Cirie diagnosed Shane with a rash, and told him he just needed to “air out” the situation. Shane done just that, he stripped and run around buck naked in front of Danielle and Cirie. Personally, I think Shane is some kind of nudist, but I could be wrong.

Aras seemed happy to be alone on Exile Island. He got to think clearly, and he even searched for the hidden Immunity Idol – still unaware that it has been found. Aras was confused by the clues, and when his search turned up unsuccessful he started to wonder if the Idol was still on the Island.

Courtney, Terry, Bruce and Sally returned to camp, and they brought back a luxury item with them. It turned out that another part of their reward was a luxury item. Terry’s luxury item was the American flag which he hung on the shelter. Bruce’s luxury item was his sketchbook, Sally’s was a journal, and I’m not exactly sure what Courtney’s was, but she referred to it as “a toy.”

At the Immunity Challenge Aras returned and told his tribe mates that he got time to himself, got to re-hydrate and also look for the hidden Idol. But he did voice he didn’t want to return to Exile Island.

Before Jeff explained this week’s Immunity Challenge he revealed another twist. The twist this time involved cheeseburgers, fries and soft drinks. Jeff told the survivors if they felt safe and didn’t want to participate in the Immunity Challenge, they could chow down on cheeseburgers, fries and soft drinks. They had the option to eat until the Immunity Challenge was over, or until all the food and drinks were gone. Cherie, Courtney, Shane, Danielle and Bruce felt safe, so they immediately began chowing down.

Terry did it againâÂ?¦he won individual Immunity for the third time in a row! Even though I think Terry has made a mistake by telling some of the others about the hidden Immunity Idol, I’m pulling for him to win Survivor Exile Island. He’s played the game well, and he’s fought to stay in there. To me that’s someone who deserves to win!

Back at camp Terry approached Courtney about voting with him and Sally, and she seriously considered it. She said, “I would like to align with Terry, because I would love to go against him in the Final Two. There’s no clear-cut way for me to go right now. I’m still kind of confused in my mind.”

In the end though, Courtney stayed with her original alliance, because Sally’s torch was snuffed-out in a six-to-two vote, and Sally became the second member of the jury, and the ninth person voted out of Survivor Exile Island on CBS.

Make sure to watch Survivor Exile Island on CBS next week to see if Terry can survive without the ex-La Mina members. He’s really going to have to play hard now in order to keep winning individual Immunity, because if he doesn’t he will eventually be the last ex-La Mina member to be voted out. What are your thoughts? Do you think Terry has the strength to continue winning Individual Immunity? And do you think Terry will make it to the final two?

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