Survivors of Abuse

I write this for all the shattered souls out there that are Survivors of Abuse. My purpose of writing this is because I hope that I may help you somehow someway in your life by giving you the encouragement to leave a bad situation and/or to help heal from the abuse that you have suffered from. Please take time to read this. This is just my personal opinion so you don’t have to agree with everything that I write here.

If I could tell you just one thing it would be that God loves you very much and I strongly encourage you to say a prayer to God always, because God always helps us wether we realize it or not. It is very important for us to keep God in our thoughts through daily prayer. Please Remember the hard experiences that we go through in life will only make you stronger in the long run. Most importantly remember that abuse is never your fault no matter what you said or did. The problem is within the person that cruely hurt you.

I know at times that we may feel worthless or we often wonder how can we go on with life. I know at times that you probably cry yourself to sleep at night because you feel worthless or unlovable. Often at times you may wonder if its possible to ever have a Normal Life. Throughout the years allot of damage is done to our souls caused by the abuser(s) in our life, but it is possible to start to heal from it.

There is a strong soul within us all. The first step is the realization that even though we may be a shattered soul inside that we aren’t completely broken. We can heal from abuse. We just have to take the first step by first forgiving the abuser. Please never go back to the abuser no matter what he or she says because abuse just gets worse.

Honestly, we aren’t worthless. Every Individual is special because we are a child of God and God loves us unconditionally. The fact that you are here sitting here reading this right now implies that you are strong and you are strong enough to overcome the pain that other people may have caused you.

You are lovable. Once we start to forgive the people that were abusive towards us. We will be on the path to living a NORMAL LIFE. It may be hard at times to trust people and we might have a fear of being around people, especially men or in some cases women, because we are afraid of them hurting us just like the other people did.

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