Suze Orman’s The Road to Wealth; Financial Planning at Any Age

Want to retire early? Interested in buying a home? How do you create a pre-nuptial agreement? What is the difference between a living will, trust and probate? In the book, The Road to Wealth, all of your lifetime financial planning tools are discussed with pragmatic advice to live by. Author, Suze Orman, has created a plethora of financial advice in an easy to read format for individuals of all ages and knowledge bases.

As a single mother of two teenage boys, the challenge of raising a family on a limited budget, while protecting my assets and planning for college expenses and my own retirement seemed an overwhelming manipulation of finances. Suze Orman’s book, The Road to Wealth, was given to me as a gift and has been a fabulous resource tool. Each financial topic is addressed in an easy to understand format with pragmatic advice that I put to use following each reading. In fact, with the book’s addition to my collection of reading material, I’ve learned to analyze insurance products, retirement plans, educational investment programs and even my daily spending budget in a more realistic approach. As a financial guide, the book provides a relief to the fear and anxiety associated with financial planning. As an easy reading guide, I have even recommended specific sections of reading to my teenage sons who will be soon off to college pursing their own dreams and establishing financial independence.

The Road to Wealth is a frequently read product in my home. Because it provides pragmatic and easy to understand advice, the book is a comprehensive financial reading tool which eliminates the need to purchase specialized readings in various subjects. From taxes to retirement, the advice is easy to put to use and can be applied to virtually any area of financial planning. As a great gift for high school and college students, The Road to Wealth will plant the seed for a financial independence while offering a quick reference guide when making significant financial decisions. Additionally, as a easy to read format, the book can be used even into retirement years when the foundations for financial success seem to have passed. However, as Suze will point out, at any age, your financial dreams can be realized with the right tools and information.

As an evolving reading tool, The Road to Wealth is updated based on financial information of the current year. As the financial markets and products change, so will the revisions to the book. When purchasing The Road to Wealth, be sure to note the revision date so as to ensure you are provided with the latest and most current financial imformation available. A disadvantage associated with The Road to Wealth is the size of the book itself. As a softback purchase, the book is about 1 Ã?½ inches thick which may be somewhat intimidating to an individual seeking quick reference material. However, with any easy to use content and reference guide, your financial solution can be located within seconds without spending time reading the entire book. In other words, know your subject of interest and Suze’s book will point you to the chapter and pages for review.

In summary, The Road To Wealth offers many advantages to the consumer in terms of quick reference, continuous and current financial planning advice. With the need to maintain current revisions as the major disadvantage, The Road to Wealth offers many advantages in terms of retirement planning, college tuition preparation, explanations on types of bankruptcies, and can be used on a daily basis.

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