Swedish Saxophonist Greger Hillman Releases I Am Ready

From his native Sweden to hotspots like Nashville, Texas and Los Angeles, saxophonist Greger Hillman has recorded with producers like Jason Scheff (Chicago), Peter Wolf (Frank Zappa), John Beasley (Miles Davis), Jeff Richman and Jimmy Haslip (Yellowjackets). Now, Hillman releases I Am Ready via the Hillman Records label (www.hillmanrecords.com).

The album, I Am Ready, contains ten original songs written and produced by Greger. The titlecut, “I Am Ready,” is a straightforward smooth jazz tune, which sets the mood for the rest of the record. “Home At Last” reflects on Greger’s musical career as he goes full circle coming back to the style of music which got him started playing the sax some twenty years ago. “Having studied jazz, improvisation and composition and playing mostly jazz- and soul gigs for many years now, I wanted to go back to my roots,” said Greger.

Back home in Sweden Greger is working hard to bring smooth jazz out to the Swedes, which in most cases never have heard of the concept of smooth jazz. “It is a shame,” said Greger. “I simply love the music, lifestyle and attitude of smooth jazz music. My aim is to open people’s eyes to my own little twist in the genre, as well as spreading that “feel-good” vibe. Feeling good is what music is all about to me.”

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