Sweepa Rubber-Bristled Broom: I Can’t Live Without It

Three years ago I was standing in the middle of Linens-N-Things looking at a rubber broom called the Sweepa. I had seen a similar product advertised on late night infomercials and had thought about purchasing one of these but had never gone through with it. Standing in the store I made the decision to spend $10 on this product and I have never once regretted that choice.

Over the past three years I have used the Sweepa on almost every type of debris on all types of household flooring. In my kitchen, bathroom, and hallway I use the Sweepa to get the dust bunnies out of the corners and sweep the floor. In the living room I use it in the high traffic areas to get ground in dirt up off the carpet. In the bedroom I use it to get hair up from the area where my dog sleeps. In is also used in the garage and outside as well. This product has so many uses that every household should have at least one.

The Sweepa is made of rubber bristles that trap dirt and help bring it to the surface. I can take the Sweepa over the carpet after vacuuming and still be amazed by the dirt and hair it brings to the surface. The opposite side of the tool is a squeegee which is great for cleaning up spills in the kitchen or the garage. The best part about this product is that you can rinse it out in the sink or throw it in the washing machine for easy cleaning.

I have replaced the brooms in my house with the Sweepa and wish I had done so sooner. Unlike regular brooms the Sweepa does not sweep dirt into the air and you don’t have to spend a small fortune on replacement cloths like you do for many of those popular floor cleaning devices.

If I had to choose one product I use in my home that I could absolutely not live without this one would definitely my choice. Its versatility, easy cleaning, and sturdy construction make the Sweepa well worth its inexpensive cost. If you have pets or children you will see after the first use that the Sweepa will be a product you constantly use. Mine never makes it back to its designated spot in the closet for long.

The Sweepa can be purchased for about $10. For a list of retailers visit www.sweepa.com

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