Swiffer Duster VS. Pledge Duster Plus

What is the ultimate dusting tool…the Swiffer duster or the Pledge Duster Plus? Let’s take a look at how these products compare.

The Swiffer Duster has been around for several years. It was the first of its kind and now many other companies have tried to bank on their success by developing a product very similair. The Swiffer duster is made of thousands of special fluffy microfibers that collect dust without spreading the dust particles to other areas. The Swiffer can be used on pretty much any surface. The advantage to the Swiffer duster is that it can be used on surfaces that would not be advisable to use a dusting spray, like electronics and even house plants. The Swiffer works wonders for the interior of your car as well. The uniquely shaped duster head can easily slide into vents and along your dash without leaving a smeared residue behind. The Swiffer duster also has a pivoting head that is adjustable and can be locked into four positions to help you clean hard to reach surfaces like baseboards, cabinets, and even your ceiling fan, or in hard to reach places like book shelve corners. The Swiffer Duster has been around for several years and is always improving. You can purchase an extender handle that will extend the duster up to three feet so you don’t have to strain yourself or hop on a chair to dust in high places. The Swiffer Duster can be found at the retail price of $8.13 for a starter kit at certain retailers.

The Swiffer Duster is easy to Assmeble
1. Assemble the Swiffer duster by piecing together the handle at the interlocking mechanism.
2. Once the wand is assmebled, slide on the dusting fibers and push the bottom edge under the plastic groove to hold it in place.
3. Fluff the fibers with your fingers until the head is fluffed out.

The Pledge Duster Plus is very similair to the Swiffer Duster except it has a unique feature- a built in dusting spray that is able to be used on Multi-surfaces. The dusting spray is actually built right into the Pledge Duster Plus handle. The dusting spray is attached to the handle and you simply push down with your finger on the spray bottle and it sprays out directly onto the dusters fluffy fibers, helping you grab more dust particles with the microfibers and lock them in. The Pledge Duster Plus is wonderful because it allows you to have the option of using the dusting tool as you would the Swiffer, but with the added bonus of a dusting spray. The dusting spray will help you get a deep down clean and even allows you to remove smudges and smears. The other advantage the Pledge Duster Plus has over the Swiffer Duster is that the dusting spray allows you to pick up more than just dust. The dusting spray acts as a magnet for allergens, pet hair, dander, and even dust mites that might be left behind with a dry duster. This product can be found at the retail price of $4.69 for a starter kit at certain retailers.

According to the directions on the Pledge Duster Plus box…here is how you assemble the Pledge Duster Plus.

1. Unfold the handle
2. Enter the prongs into either end of the duster with the fluffy side facing down
3.Pull the duster onto the handle until it completely covers the prongs
4.Shake the duster to fluff before use so your fibers will be fully expanded
5.Spray the surface with the dusting spray or bend the handle to spray the duster

Both products are wonderful, but the Pledge Duster Plus has an advantage of the Swiffer Duster because of its versatility. The built in dusting spray gives the Pledge Duster Plus a winning advantage

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