Swiffer Sweeper is Swift

Putting Swiffer to work so I don’t have to…as much. I am happy to announce that swiffer is swell. Swell because I discovered how to make it work even harder. Not only is it cleaning my floors, my furniture, and my electronics, it is cleaning my walls, ceilings, and bathtubs too!

Oh joy is me! How is it possible? I’ll tell you.

1. Using the wet floor cleaning cloth that is made for the Swiffer is useful for cleaning walls and ceilings by using the floor cleaning in the same sweeping motion as cleaning the floor. It removes dust, dirt, kitchen splatters, bathroom mildew, and more.

Always follow cleaning instructions for the type of paint you have.

2. I like using a strong damp paper towel as a replacement cloth to rinse and wipe down after cleaning but it’s not necessary.

3. Also, a strong paper towel attached to the floor cleaning tool and sprayed with a tub and tile cleaner is an easy way to clean the bathtub. Just use the tool as you use a mop with a back and forth scrubbing motion. It removes the usual bathroom stains and soap residue.
Rinse with warm water for shine and to remove any slipperiness from the cleaning solution.

4. Swiffer cleaning tools are great for removing dust bunnies from under beds, behind couches and chairs, fand from around electronics.

5. The Swiffer dusting tool is great for around the house as well as for dusting automobiles. It will clean the dash, the space behind the steering wheel and the crooks and crannies of the atmosphere controls and the stereo equipment.

6. Swiffer dusters are one of the best ways to clean around precious and fragile collectibles. Snowglobes that look dull with dust are easily shined up without using a streak causing spray as do books and CD’s/DVD’s.

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