Swimming Pool Chemicals Pool Owners Need to Know About

It is now the time of year to open the pool for the summer. Anyone who has owned a pool or who currently owns a swimming pool has had to deal with pool chemicals at some point during the pool season.

There are some things you should know about when dealing with swimming pool chemicals. You should never try to mix any of the pool chemicals together no matter how many of them you have on hand. You also should never add water to any form of dry pool chemicals. You should never ever handle the chemicals with your bare hands.

There are three particular swimming pool chemicals you should have on hand for your pool. The three following pool chemicals are very important because they will be used quite often in your swimming pool.

Three Important Swimming Pool Chemicals

Chemical One for the Swimming Pool: Alkaline Powder

Chlorine in the water of your pool will help kill the germs, but it can raise the acid levels in your pool as well. By not using enough of the alkaline powder, the parts of the pool that contains metal will start to corrode which will turn your pool water a misty green color.

However, when too much alkaline powder is put into your pool water, the water will become cloudy. When the pool water becomes cloudy due too over use of alkaline powder, it will raise the level of germs which could cause dangerous health issues for the swimmers. So you can obtain the correct level of balance of alkaline powder in the pool’s water, you should follow the recommended usage on the container of alkaline powder.

Chemical Two for the Swimming Pool: Chlorine Powder

In order to kill such germs as bacteria and algae in your swimming pool because both will multiply very fast, chlorine powder is a key chemical you will need to have on hand. You will need to have a large amount of the chlorine powder to effectively kill these types of germs.

One thing to keep in mind is the size of your swimming pool when purchasing the chlorine powder. Each size of pool requires different amounts of the chlorine powder. While the chlorine powder tends to be quite expensive, you should check the amounts needed per maintenance time to see how much of it you will need.

You will need to have the chlorine powder because without it you will not be able to keep your swimming pool free of the germs that grow in the pool. If you feel that you have ever over bought the chlorine powder for your pool, not to worry, you will need always for the health of your pool and the health of your swimmers.

Chemical Three for the Swimming Pool: Chlorine Tablets

The chlorine tablets come in 1 inch or 3 inch in diameter. You will need a skimmer for your chlorine tablets and the skimmer usually holds three of four of the tablets at a time. You will need to change the tablets every week or so if you are running your pool on a daily basis during the summer.

The chlorine tablets for the pool generally come in buckets with about thirty to fifty tablets and can be rather expensive at about $80.00 a bucket. As you can see with the chlorine tablets, you will need to have a healthy pool budget for the summer.

As you can see each of these three particular pool chemicals serve their purpose to maintain a healthy pool.

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