TAPS: The McKeehan House

A private homeowner and family complains of strange happenings in their homelocated on a private island in Topsfield, Massachusetts. With the children of the house grown and on their own, the mother of the household refuses to even sleep in her own bedroom.

She complains of people being locked between doors with no explanation and then easily open. At night while in bed, a mysterious cat walks across her chest and ghost children play at the foot of her bed and make play in the attic. When she tries to get up out of bed to investigate on her own, she has found herself restrained at her ankles by unknown forces. To back up her claims, her daughter verifies that she too has had her fair share of encounters in her childhood home. The TAPS team arrives on the scene to set up for an interesting night they will never forget.

Spread out through the house, the team takes their camcorders and tape recorders to the most active spots. First to investigate is the door phenomena. An investigator on either side of the door waits. One of them tries to exit but the door holds steady and will not budge. His partner on the other side attempts to open the door for him without avail. They test the door to see if it’s locked and find that it isn’t. Pushing and pulling as hard as they can, the door remains shut tight. In an instant, it easily opens with no explanation.

Their next stop is the master bedroom to try to communicate with the spirits tormenting the homeowner. She claims that she is woken up throughout the night with knocking above her head. The investigators challenge this. Hearing what sounded like footsteps in the attic, they knock first twice on the the ceiling. Immediately they are answered with two replying knocks. They knock again and are responded to with out hesitation.

The Ghost Hunters encourage the spirits to communicate further with them and to do something to prove that they are there. One of the camera men try to enter the room the two investigators are in and is stopped by the door slamming closed violently in his face. There is nothing wrong with the door and again, no explanation.

Moving on to another room in the house, investigators sit on either side of the room. They have been told that objects move about without reason. Again, the spirits are asked to prove themselves. Next a thud is heard on the floor between the two of them. Shining the light of their flashlights in the direction of the sound, they see a wire hanger. Across from the hanger is an open closet with more hangers and a couple coats. To test that it was the paranormal entity, the hanger is placed back on rack. The spirit is asked to do it again. Seconds pass and the same hanger is thrown to the floor between the investigators again.

Pleased with the footage and proof in hand, they call it a night. After review of the evidence, they put together the information to present to the home owner. Their concern is her fear of the spirits in her home and want to ease her nerves. They inform the owner that what she has claimed they have found to be true, however, it is not necessary to be scared. In all of their investigations, they have never encountered a situation where the living were harmed by spirits. Still a little uneasy, she is thankful that she is not insane and has come to a better understanding of her safety. The TAPS team leaves with another job well done.

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