TV Weddings


I work shift work. That means that every two weeks, for the next two weeks, I get to watch the morning ‘chick’ shows. They seem to be pretty good programs, up to a point, but after that point I am hungry for something with more substance to it. In particular is the programs tendency to hold auctions for engaged couples and then take over the whole affair.

When I got married, I didn’t need a wedding co-ordinator who told everyone where to stand when pictures were taken, or tell the caterer how to set up the dinner buffet or when to serve the guests. I didn’t need anyone to tell me how much money the wedding would cost or where to honeymoon. My future wife and I did it all on our own and we were happy with the results. The results being that we were finally married and to hell with those who thought we didn’t give them enough entertainment just by inviting them to the wedding or reception.

Leave it to television to stage their own concept of a reality show first thing in the morning. They get couples to vie for the chance to be married on a particular show. After a worthy couple is selected, the program gets to pick out the bride’s dress, the groom’s tuxedo, the bridesmaid dresses, the wedding cake, the rings, the honeymoon spot, ad nauseam.

My question is, ‘Why would anyone want to go through this crap?’ My answer is, ‘They can’t afford to get married on their own.’

They need all the freebies they can get before they are thrown back into the real world and find that, if they run into problems, the TV show is not there to bail them out. Their only hope at this point is to hit it big on Deal Or No Deal, or compete in Survivor or the Amazing Race, hoping to make enough money to get them back on their feet.

Is this generation so shallow that they can’t get along by themselves? What happened to having to think for yourself? I got married on $250 in the bank, my reception was inviting a few favoured people to dinner, and my honeymoon consisted of going home and making love to my wife. I couldn’t afford much more and made do the best I could. I suppose the important thing is that my wife and I love each other and we weren’t so entrapped by putting on a show for people that we had to go beg on national TV for others to help us out.

The whole idea makes me sick.

If you can’t afford to get married, don’t!

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