Tablecloth Protectors Save You Time and Money

Shortly after I replaced my laminate-top dining room table with an oak one, I’ve covered it with a table cloth. Vinyl table cloths protect the wood from spills and stains. However, even though I used mild soap and water (per the manufacturer’s instructions) to clean the vinyl, the colors often faded. Fine linen table cloths- that I use on holidays and other special occasions- offer little protection. And they stain easily. So it was difficult to protect my wood table. Until I found an inexpensive remedy, that is. Read this informative article and find out how tablecloth protectors save you time and money.

Description and Availability

Tablecloth protectors are made of clear vinyl. They resemble tablecloths. They are placed over clean tablecloths to provide a waterproof barrier. Tablecloth protectors are available in all different sizes and shapes to fit any square, round, oval or oblong table. They are easy to find at retailers that sell tablecloths and linens like Walmart and the BedBath store. You can also find them online at,,, et cetera.

Buying Tip

Tablecloth protectors are not created alike when it comes to thickness. Thicker equals better, heavier protection. Thicker also means heavier weight so they don’t slide around on your table as much. Obviously buying them at a brick and mortar store is preferable since you can see and feel the product.

Benefits of Using Tablecloth Protectors

So, how can using these simple inventions save you time and money? Since I began protecting my table, the vinyl tablecloths I use last much longer. There is no fading of the colors when I wipe them off- a problem I experienced previously. I’m not wasting time, and spending money on stain removers to clean-up my fine linen tablecloths either. I simply wipe off my tablecloth protectors with a damp dish cloth after every meal to keep my table/tablecloth clean and attractive.

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