Take a Most Unusual Vacation in Indiana

Are you the type of vacationer who wants to see the strange and unusual, rather than the ordinary gardens, theme parks and tours? Well, you’ll find plenty to intrigue you in the state of Indiana. Many famous people were born in Indiana and many are also buried there. The state also brags rights to the birthplace of John Dillinger and many other sites related to the famous criminal.

Actresses Marjorie Main, Florence Henderson, Louise Dresser, Marilyn Miller, Frances Farmer, Carol Lombard, Shelley Long, and Peg Entwistle, along with many more, are from various towns in Indiana. Famous actors born in the area include Steve McQueen, Richard Bennett, James Dean, Will Geer, Max Terhune, Karl Malden and John Bowers.

Other persons of interest who were born or buried in Indiana are Billy Herman – famous baseball player, singer David Lee Roth, composer Bobby Helms, Sam Bass – legendary train robber, Colonel Sanders – Kentucky Fried Chicken founder, Orville Redenbacher – famous popcorn maker, Lee Wallace – author of “Ben Hur”, Michael Jackson and siblings, and famous murderess Winnie Ruth Judd.

On your list of strange or unusual sites should be the location of the world’s largest ketchup bottle, the John Dillinger Museum, the Dan Quayle Center, the Greentown Glass Museum, or Santa Claus, Indiana where the town stays decorated for Christmas all year long. The Indiana Medical History Museum will leave you shaking your head in wonder as you view jars of brains along with 15,000 other medical showcases.

The Trump’s Texaco Museum is a real winner with collections dating back to the 1920’s. And in Crawfordsville visit the first of seven rotary jails which is now a museum. Another interesting museum is the Bedford Land Of Limestone Museum where you can find out all about the stone that was used to build the Empire State Building and other famous landmarks.

Don’t omit a fun-filled trip to Dr. Ted’s Musical Marvels to view a magnificent collection of music boxes, gramophones, cymbals, street organs and even a Wurlitzer carousel organ. The cost is extremely reasonable for this presentation.

Valparaiso, Indiana features a giant root beer mug, a giant cow and a giant Santa. Michigan City boasts a giant milk bottle. In eastern Indiana you’ll find a giant elephant and giant shoes. Or stare in amazement at the giant lady’s leg at the Sundial Nudist Resort in Roselawn, Indiana. The giant peach resides in Vincennes, the giant slingshot in Roachdale and the giant Indian in Montepelier.

There are oddities to see in most towns and countries and Indiana has its share. Check Indiana travel guides in book form or online to find more fun, unique, and unusual sites to see while traveling the midwest.

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