Talk Now! Spanish CD-Rom Review

It’s no secret that Spanish is a very popular language in which many parents today want their children to learn. But deciding on a program that not only will teach but entertain can be difficult. The Instant Immersion Spanish 2 CD set may be the right choice for you. It claims on the package that it’s the #1 selling language series in the USA. It has dual platform so both PC and MAC users can learn.

Talk Now is a cd-rom designed for beginners who want to learn Spanish quickly. For each category you hear authentic speech and two people talking to you. When you first start this program you are greeted on what time of the day it is. You enter your name and proceed to a wheel of options. On the right hand side there is a wide grinning cartoon guy that smiles every time you put your mouse over him. He provides a flash card game on everything from first words, colors, numbers and even a mystery option. You can choose between an easy or hard game.

There’s 9 different category’s on the wheel. The category to choose from are:

First Words

In each category you have the option of word practicing, speaking practice, easy or hard game and a picture dictionary. For word practicing a man and women say out loud the word along with it written in both English and Spanish. You can decide to run on auto pilot or choose only the words you want to hear. In speaking practice you need a microphone to be able to record your voice and compare it to one of the two people in this program. Each easy and hard game is different for each category. For the body category, a game of creating a Frankenstein like character is the mission. Once answering all the correct questions, the character comes alive with a vibrant laugh.

To be able to use the picture dictionary, you’ll need to have a printer as the dictionary is only allowed to be printed and not viewed on the program. Within a short time you might find yourself remembering colors, numbers and even first words. It’s a program that uses pictures, flash cards, games and speech to make it not only a good way to remember more, but to be fun. Once you’ve reached a certain amount of points from accomplishing each category, you get an award. Overall Talk Now is a good program to learn Spanish or any of the other languages the company offers. Wal*Mart is a great place to find this program.

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