Talking to Your Daughter About Periods

Children seem to be growing up faster than ever before and talking to your daughter about her period could be nagging at you lately. But take comfort, there are many ways to discuss the monthly cycle so she’ll be ready when it arrives.

The Note Approach- If you’re uncomfortable talking face to face perhaps leaving a note with tampons, pads and cramp relief is your best option.

The Kit- If you’re unsure how much your daughter knows, a kit with all the information along with samples might be the way to go. Some schools offer free kits while companies of the brands you already use may have a kit available to buy.

Straight Forward- Ask her what she’s been learning lately in health class is a great way to start a conversation about periods. Has her friends said anything to her that she doesn’t know about or is unsure is true? When talking with your daughter explain to her why women get periods and boys don’t. That it’s normal to have cramps and the amount of blood varies from each girl. Talking about TSS can be a scary event for a girl so calmly explain what it is and how to prevent getting it. Slim tampons are a good start since they are more comfortable to insert. It’s a good idea to start slowly when talking about periods. You wouldn’t want to overwhelm your daughter.

Celebrate- Your daughter may not want to celebrate and keep it under wraps that she has her period. Or she may be really excited if she’s before her friends. If she wants to celebrate perhaps go out to dinner or a shopping spree to embrace her becoming a women.

Family- If there are males in the house, it’s a good idea to inform them to be gentle about the subject and not to poke fun.

PMS- It’s expected. Help her realize that it’s normal if one moment she’s mad and the next crying.

Acne- Chances are she’ll get more pimples during that time of the month. It’s a good idea to help her track her periods on a calendar and a pack of supplies for when she’s in school. Make a point that she can still play sports and go along with their lives as usual. Each girl is going to react differently to getting her period.

What if her period starts at school: If she’s worried that her period might start in school, have her pack a pad or tampon in her backpack. Or she can go to the nurse’s office where there is free protection. Inform her that the start of her period isn’t going to be a gushing river, but will be a few spots.

Pregnancy: Inform of the connection between now having her period and that she can become pregnant. This may feel awkward at first but it’s best for her to know the information early in the long run.

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