Tax Accountants and Filing in Anaheim, CA

In 2004 I filed my taxes with H&R block. The nearest branch was located in stanton 12807 BEACH BLVD.H and R block has several options of filing the taxes depend up on our convenience. They have online filing, mail filing and may be either one for the states. We have the option of insuring our tax filings too. If we have any problem they will take care about every thing like IRS problems or any bills and miscalculations. The staff at Stanton are user friendly. Obviously there will be extra staff in
the peak months of year january, february and March. We need to have appointment for filing. They will open weekends and on Holidays. They will operate on late hours daily. They will deal with complicated returns also like if you have your own
company and employees at this branch.

The advantage with H and R block is they will accept coupons and offer discounts. I got 25% discount with my Federal
credit union account. They will advertise the discounts in local news papers also. The other advantage with H and R block is
you can pull your old filings from theri data base.

H & R Block used to conduct training sessions for the interested ones in tax calculations. They will charge depend on
the course they offered. They will take our help also in filing for others in busy days with attractive packages. They will
offer almost 10 filings free for the employees. For example if your friend got temporary work in H and R Block you can ask
him to file free at the branch. This completely depend on the branch. Stanton brance offers this.
H & R block Stanton has experts in tx filing. they have experts in corporate filings.

Jackson Hewitt Tax Service is also a best one in Anaheim. I filed here in 2003 taxes. They have different packages
for the filings. They too have insurance for the filed tax. You have to pay extra for that option. The nearest branch in
Anaheim was on Euclid street. They have both online efiling and mail filing for faster procesiing including the individual
states. They will be open late hours and weekends. For simple tax filings which doesn’t involve complicated items and
conditions, Jackson Hewitt can be suggestable. If yuo refer any friends you will get much discounts and referral incentives.
For college students they have special prices. In Jackson Hewitt we have an option of getting the returns imediately by
paying some extra fee. They have many incentives to attract the customers including referrels.

Shirleys Bookkeeping & Tax has been referred by my friends. They have very low rates compared to H and R block and
Jackson Hewitt. You need appointment for filing. They are located in Anaheim. They have online filing and mail filing also.
Shirleys different prices for filing. This is not a chain retailer and they may not be having branches. They will treat you
personally. Shirleys tax preparation also suggestable in Anaheim. They do have incentives like refereal and for Students.

Jackson Hewitt Tax Service
905 N Euclid St Ste 887
Anaheim, CA 92801
(714) 778-1116

H&R Block
4.9 miles map and directions

Shirleys Bookkeeping & Tax
Anaheim, CA 92801
(714) 563-1403

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