Teaching Your Children About Easter

Easter seems to be another holiday that is mostly based on customs instead of fact. Easters ascendancy as a festival was not bible based. Many scholars claim that the word Easter is of Anglo-Saxon origin which refers to springtime. It has been said that during that season the ancients thought that the sun was reborn after months of winter death. Some argue that Easter actually replaces the Jewish Festival. But all of this ignores that facts that are stated in the bible book of Luke.

It tells us their that Jesus replaced the Passover not with Easter, but with his memorial supper. But this is far from what parents are teaching their children. Many just look forward to seeing children scrambling for the colored eggs. Most parents feel that it is simply harmless fun. They know that the egg and the bunny are kind of silly, but it is tradition so everyone participates.

Do you teach your children the truth about what Easter means to you or just that it is the one day a year that many actually go to church? Did you know that Easter Eggs were actually a pagan practice that was Christianized? Since the eating of eggs was formerly forbidden during lent, according to “The Encyclopedia American” it could symbolize the end of the season and the beginning of a joyful celebration. However many agree that the egg was a symbol of life and fertility among idolaters.

What about the rabbits? Many say the purpose of children hunting for Easter eggs, that are supposedly brought by the Easter Bunny is actually a vestige of a fertility rite. Another fact that I found very interesting was that ham on Easter is a long standing custom among many. But did you know that according to “The American Book of Days”, it is a relic of English bigotry. It states that the English had a habit of eating a gammon of bacon on that day to show their contempt for the Jewish custom of not eating pork.

Many parents may still feel oh what’s the big deal, and may not be concerned with how the customs started. But isn’t it important that your children know why they are celebrating a particular holiday. Many children do eventually ask why do we hunt Easter eggs! What do you say when your children ask you that type of question? It may not seem like a big deal to you but what children are being taught or not taught has a huge affect on future generations.

The Easter holiday only became popular in the US during the Civil War. Many say it is because many lost loved ones during the conflict, and that the holiday was promoted as a means of bringing consolation to the bereaved. The reason why many participate in Easter seems to vary depending on a families culture and beliefs. Believe it or not Easter is not a holiday that is celebrated exactly the same around the world. As a parent you may want to think about what you will teach your children about the Easter Holiday. Will you teach them it is important to know the meaning behind something before they participate, or that it is ok simply because it is tradition and everyone else is doing it? You may want to seriously think about that question.

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