Teens: Our Society’s Dangerous Little Grown-ups

Almost every single day the wires carry stories of a new segment of our society. I call them the little grownups. Children granted the privilege of adulthood by stupid, doting and carelessly selfish parents. From Natalie Holloway to the 15 year old boy who allegedly bothered a poor (snicker) 37 year old adult woman into having sex with her. these precious little grownups are robbing banks, having indiscriminate sex, often for money, abusing their purblind pathetic parents and generally assuming they have every right to do so.

Let’s look at Natalie Hollloway. She just got unlucky that night, it could have been any one of a number of her drunken drugged pals and chaperones. WHY was she even allowed to be there in the first place? What reasoning adult parent would allow her sexually precocious daughter to go to an island famous for it’s underaged drinking and rampant sexuality? Did Ms.Twitty bother to check the State Department site, or pay heed to any warnings? If she were as thorough doing that, as she is about trying to find her kid, the whole exercise would be moot.

Since when does a teen’s scholastic ability have anything to do with common sense, or morals? What world do parent’s such as this inhabit? Lala land? We live in an age where terrorism is rampant, drugs are an epidemic, STD statistics are climbing, yet we are willing to risk sending our children off to some romantic island as a reward for something that should be expected. We are not liked in many countries, except for the dollars our tourism brings. As Ms. Twitty discovered, U.S. laws often do not apply on foreign soil.

Did she think to ask about this before she sent her little grownup off for a week or so of sex, booze and rock n roll? Something tells me she didn’t. Before you grant your darling child a solo vacation, perhaps you’d best do some hard thinking about more productive options. Such as purchasing him/her an annuity, or some stock instead. Better yet! Go with them, What a concept.

Other little grownups are stealing and robbing banks to get what their parents can’t or won’t provide. We have given them such freedom, on the net, through cell phones, and just plain unsupervised activity, that they are now gambling on line, meeting strangers for sex, and enjoying the very best porn right through that cell phone they insisted on having. Even if some of them managed to earn their own money, that doesn’t abrogate a parent’s responsibility to supervise or veto certain purchases.

We are raising a generation of selfish, self-serving, egotistical and demanding monsters bent on having their own way. And who pays? We do-society pays the bill. From law enforcement fees and court related costs, to the sheer toll, these young leeches place on a system already overburdened by other problems. Next time, instead of filling your little grownups arms with more high tech instruments of self-destruction, or tickets to paradise, give them a real gift. Be a parent, and just say no.

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