Temporomandibular Disorder

What is Temporomandibular Disorder (TM)?

TM disorder is a common condition which affects a large percentage of the population. Considered one of several annoying conditions, TM disorder is often classified as pain or discomfort in the jaw muscles. Pain may be mild and short term. On the other hand, some people must live with constant pain that radiates to the skull and ear. Mild cases of TM may remain undiagnosed because symptoms tend to be vague and lessen within a few hours. However, if suffering from a moderate or severe case of TM, discomfort may be an everyday reality.

Symptoms of Temporomandibular

Pain associated with this condition will vary, and depend largely on the degree. However, common indicators of TM disorder include:

� Pain in one or both jaws
� An annoying popping sound coming from jaw
� Inability to close or open jaw muscles
� Headaches
� Neck and Shoulder Pain
� Facial Pain
� Grinding Teeth while Asleep

Ways to Prevent Joint Temporomandibular

For the most part, if muscle pressure or tension is reduced, the symptoms of TM disorder will lessen. Consider the following tips for relieving muscle pain.

âÂ?¢ Relax – If you have difficulty relaxing, experiment with aromatherapy, stress relief music, and so forth.
� Avoid habits such as biting nails
� Avoid chewing gum and other foods that require a constant chewing motion
� Practice chewing foods on both sides of your mouth
� Strive to keep good posture while sitting and standing
� Visit the dentist every six months

Tips for Easing Joint Temporomandibular Pain

In addition to adopting the previous habits for reducing symptoms of TM, the following will provide helpful tips for treating existing pain at home.

� Apply an ice pack to sore, swollen joints
� If necessary, take acetaminophen or other pain killers to reduce pain

Even though most cases of TM disorder are not severe, nor require emergency medical care, certain circumstances may justify a visit to a health care provide. Contact a doctor if:

� TM pain worsens or becomes unbearable
� Recent injury caused current symptoms of TM disorder
� Jaw completely locks
� Pain does not improve after two weeks of home treatment

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