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Baseball, the all American sport. Counting spring training, the season goes from February to Oct, but even in the off season, the trading goes on and the speculation of next year makes baseball a year round subject. Blogs are a great way to connect with other Baseball fans, to keep up with what your favorite teams and players are up to and make your predictions for the current season as well as the next one. The blogs listed here are not dedicated to any one team or player. They cover the whole sport, with lots of information articles. Baseball fans being what they are, I know you will not agree to everything said here, but you will enjoy it. And of courses being blogs. You have the option of adding your opinion.

Baseball Primer Newsblog

The articles here pull no punches. Most of them come from the nation’s newspapers and the blog is kept up to date. A nice thing is that you can leave comments.

The Hardball Times

This blog has some very will written and analytical articles such as “Projecting the Prospects of the Trading Deadline” and “Confessions of a RBI Fanatic.”

Baseball Analysts
This blog has many, many excellent articles with stats to back up the facts. Be sure to check out their exclusive interview section.

Baseball Musings
Lots to see and do here. Be prepared to stay a long time and do a lot of reading. And don’t for get to add your comments.

Batter’s Box
Something different here, With this blog, we get a Canadian’s view of Baseball. Comments allowed.

This blog does lean towards the Minnesota Twins, but there are a lot of general baseball articles also.

Baseball Crank
Lot of articles here with different approaches. Be prepared to stay a good, long while. Be sure to leave your comments on this one.

The Sixth Tool:
This blog is something different. It is written by a professional scout, so you get a one of a kind perspective. Here you get a scouts view of the up and coming future baseball stars.

The Baseball Card Blog
Most baseball fans are also card collectors, to some extent anyway. Take some time and read about the hard to find cards and take a look at your collection. Who knows, maybe you have a hidden treasure.

Mike’s Baseball Rants

A very up to date site with articles on the day to day happening in baseball. There is also a link section to pages with lots of general baseball information including a couple of baseball almanacs and major league umpires, just to mention a few.

I hope you have the time to visit all the above blogs and enjoy them, as well as maybe learn something new and exciting. I know I enjoyed them and will be back for more visits as the season goes on.

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