Ten Reasons Why You Should Not Buy a Puppy

1. You are bored, lonely and looking for a snuggle buddy at night�

I guarantee you, your dog will require more attention from you, than you, them. If you’re only looking to comfort yourself at night, when that “special someone” is not around and don’t plan on retaliating through what dogs interpret as affection (long walks, playing fetch, proper diet, & training) your animal will suffer, and you will be left cleaning up the their interpretation of anger & disappointmentâÂ?¦.. poo.

2. You’re in a bad area of town and need a rottweiler or pit bull to protect you…

Most of these dogs love to protect, guard & feel loyalty to their masters. It is their nature & instinct, but, don’t plan on any dog being your personal security system. Dogs have needs, wants, and most of all, ENERGY. Especially the territorial breeds, (most often considered the better security dogs) who by chance also tend to be very hostile towards almost ALL strangers if not properly trained.

If you do not walk your dog daily, train them properly, or pay them a great deal of attention, these dogs have been known to act in very unpredictably ways. One example is the pit bull; they have been known to even turn on their owner in unique situations.

One extremely sad and semi-recent article on one of these instances can be found here.

Pit Bulls can be wonderful dogs, but without the proper training, discipline and pure knowledge of the breed you will be sure to have trouble in the long run. Basically, these so-called “security” dogs also tend to posses the deepest of all the animal instincts, which are to protect their territory & themselves, by any means.

3. You’re in college now, needing a reason to feel important, andâÂ?¦wellâÂ?¦ Paris Hilton has one?

Dogs are not accessories, or something you can just toss over your shoulder, show off to friends, and throw in a closet later. They have feelings, emotions, and are actually very sensitive. If you plan on getting a dog to show off on special occasions and holidays and leave caged away in your room whenever it is convenient for you, please let someone else give that dog a good home.

4. You are planning on moving soon, and not sure where you’re going…

Dogs will certainly be inconvenient, and they will almost always be directly in the way, if you plan on moving soon, you need to first think about some important facts about renting or owning with a dog on hand. First of all, many places do not allow dogs, especially larger more aggressive breeds, you should do research on this before you make your decision. Second, if you are allowed to bring you furry friend, there WILL be a pet deposit, which can range from $200-$1000, and sometimes the monthly rent will also go up. Normally a situation like this, especially if you are moving out of state, results in your dog, alone, at a shelter hoping for another owner to come along and give him/her a home. But, If you are prepared to work around these inconveniences and stay devoted to your obligation and your friend, than go for it.

5. Your best friend just got one…

Bandwagon shopping is great fun when it comes to an ice cream cone, or starbucks coffee, but please do not buy a dog unless you understand what kind of a commitment you are making and are prepared to live up to that. In my experience, unless you’ve seriously thought about owning a dog, and really want one, you are not going to care for it correctly and might even end up giving it back.

6. The kids want the oh so cute puppy they saw at the “Pet Mart” store in the local mall…

Parents, don’t let them fool you. Who will end up caring for that cute puppy they saw at Pet Mart? You guessed itâÂ?¦ This decision should be left up to you and only you, otherwise it will be a sticky & messy situation for you and your new pup.

Also, most mall pet stores get their dogs very cheap, from immoral breeders, and although the idea of saving one of those sad little pups in the cage is endearing, the breeders will only have three more come in and replace it.

7. You have never before sincerely thought about owning a dog, but decided on the spur of the moment to pick one up…

It is not a spur of the moment thing, either you want to be responsible for a living breathing animal and friend, or you do not or possibly can not.

8. Things haven’t been going well between you and your boyfriend/partner/husband/wife; a dog might just fix it…

I have been witness to this situation atleast three times; every time the couple might have stayed together or might have separated, but one fact remained the same, the puppy ended up right back where they found him (a shelter or breeder.)

9. You just finished watching “101 Dalmatians” so you plan to run out and buy one right away…

Dalmatians are wonderfully beautiful dogs, and with the proper care and training they can be loyal, obedient, best friends for life with their owner. But, while watching 101 Dalmatians, I’m sure it never occurred to you that Dalmatians are actually very aggressive & even considered one of the “mean” breeds. Do your research on the breed you are interested in owning, movies/televisions/books do not portray reality, therefore their portrayal of animals is also a bit skewed.

Ok, no we’ll leave the reasons not to buy a dog to just nine…

And, I’ll use this last one, and note, there is only one, reason why you SHOULD buy a dog.

10. You have thought long and hard about the prospect, researched breeds & training tips, and have the means to support another living, breathing, feeling creature.

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