Ten Reasons Why You Should Not Buy an Apple Ipod 20g with Clickwheel

The Apple Ipod 20g with Clickwheel may not be the newest Ipod model on the market, but it is one of the most affordable Ipods you can buy today. This model is currently selling on ebay.com for under $100, which puts it in reach of any music fan on a tight budget. It’s compatible with the newest Itunes software, and works with a USB 2.0 or Firewire cable, so you can use it with a brand new computer, or an older model. Although the Apple Ipod 20g with Clickwheel is cheap and versatile, there are plenty of reasons not to buy one. Here, in ascending order of importance, are the ten most vital reasons to pass by the Apple Ipod 20g with Clickwheel.

1. Bragging Rights.

Ok, let’s be honest. One of the reasons why it’s fun to have an Ipod is that it’s fun to show it off. If you’ve ever been around someone who has a brand new Ipod, you’ll be well aware of how often they use phrases like “look at this,” “check this out,” or “can you believe that it. . .”. However, if you buy an Apple Ipod 20g with Clickwheel, you won’t have that much to show off. Anyone who is Ipod-saavy will be well acquainted with the features of your device, and will have seen lots of them before. In about ten years, an Apple Ipod 20g with Clickwheel will seem very cool and retro, but for now it just seems a little bit older than the latest generation of mp3 players.

2. Screen

The Apple Ipod 20g with Clickwheel has a smaller screen than many other models. This can be good if you’re rough on your devices, because it means there is less screen surface to scratch. However, it’s more likely to be an annoyance than a boon. A small screen means that navigation is a bit more cumbersome, plus it limits the functionality for playing games.

3. Size Of The Device

The Apple Ipod 20g with Clickwheel is a slightly awkward size. Although it fits nicely in the palm of your hand, it is a little bit too thick to slide comfortable into the pockets of some clothing, especially women’s pants. With a small device like the Apple Ipod 20g with Clickwheel, a fraction of an inch can make a huge difference in terms of convenience.

4. Case Issues

Because the Apple Ipod 20g with Clickwheel is slightly thicker and larger than the new 30g Ipods, it requires a different size protective case than today’s newest Ipods. Most of the best-looking and most technologically innovative Ipod sheaths and cases are being developed primarily for newer Ipods, leaving the Apple Ipod 20g with Clickwheel more vulnerable. If keeping your Ipod well dressed is important to you, get a newer Ipod so that you have more advanced options when buying a skin, case, or holster for your device.

5. Scratch Protection Issues

Technically, the Apple Ipod 20g with Clickwheel is no more likely to scratch than any other Ipod. In fact, it is considered more durable than some models (like the Ipod Nano). I’ve been using my 20g for nearly two years, and it has only sustained fairly light damage. But sadly, this damage was completely avoidable, and is due almost entirely to the fact that it’s tough to find a good case for the Apple Ipod 20g with Clickwheel. So it’s not just a superficial issue that you won’t be able to use the newest and prettiest Ipod cases- it also means more damage to your Ipod body and screen.

6. Limited Capacity

When you first get an Apple Ipod 20g with Clickwheel, it will seem like you’ll never fill up all that disk space. However, after a year or two? You’ll probably be ready to move on to something bigger, or it’ll be time to get used to purging old files to make room for new ones. The Apple Ipod 20g with Clickwheel just doesn’t have as much space on it as the 30g or 60g, which won’t be a problem right away, but may become a problem later.

7. Accessory Trouble

The Apple Ipod 20g with Clickwheel is from an older generation of Ipods, which means that the accessories made to be compatible with it are older as well. This makes them more difficult to find, and often less advanced or reliable than the accessories available for the latest generation of Ipods. Although none of this impacts the actual functionality of the Apple Ipod 20g with Clickwheel device, it definitely has an effect on how I use my Ipod. My Apple Ipod 20g with Clickwheel is fine as a portable jukebox, but with a newer Ipod, I’d be much more likely to record, play my ipod as a hi-fi, etc.

8. No Video.

From podcasts to television shows to movies, a lot of the newest and most exciting Ipod content is video. This means that if you buy a Apple Ipod 20g with Clickwheel, you’ll be left out of the newest waves of innovation when it comes to Ipod content. As a 20g user, I’m definitely aware of the fact that every time another video podcast launches, my device gets a little bit more obsolete. If you’re looking for an mp3 device primarily for listening to music, the Apple Ipod 20g with Clickwheel can do the job. However, if you want to be able to have the option of doing more, you’ll want to pick a model that has video capacity.

9. You Can Get A Better Ipod For Not Much More Money

The Apple Ipod 20g with Clickwheel is cheap, but you can get a 30g that is smaller and has a much larger capacity for just a bit more money. Between its slightly bulky size and limited capacity and functionality, the Apple Ipod 20g with Clickwheel is a slightly awkward Ipod model, so it’s only major selling point is the price. However, there are plenty of other options for an inexpensive Ipod. For rock-bottom prices, try looking for a used Ipod on ebay.com. If you want a bit more security, and an option to get a warrantee, buy a refurbished Ipod directly from Apple; follow the link at the end of this article.

10. You Can Get An Ipod For Free

The major selling point of the Apple Ipod 20g with Clickwheel is the low price, but it is possible to get a great Ipod for even less. You can earn a completely free 30g Ipod by signing up for free trial offers from various businesses, and then recruiting your friends to do the same. If you’re looking at a website offering free Ipods, be careful: there are a lot of scams out there. A legitimate free Ipod site that has been written up in major publications (including Wired magazine) is run by Gratis Networks, and is online at http://www.freeipods.com. If you can get a 30g Ipod for free, why would you pay for an Apple Ipod 20g with Clickwheel?

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