Ten Tips to Avoid an All Nighter

Some college students think that an all nighter is something they must put up with from time to time. All nighters can leave you stressed out from lack of sleep, exhausted, and feeling horrible. If you want to avoid an all nighter, follow these ten tips.

1. Complete an assignment the day it is given. This tip will help you avoid an all nighter by simply getting the assignment done well ahead of time. If you wait until the last minute, you’ll be forced to pull an all nighter.

2. Study two hours each night. Studying each day of the week will allow you to finish assignments on time. If you study everyday you’ll avoid an all nighter by begin able to finish even large assignments on time.

3. Don’t Procrastinate. I know it’s easier said than done. Procrastination forces you to pull an all nighter. If you keep putting off assignments they will build up to the point that you must spend several hours working on them. An all nighter will be needed to finish all of the assignments you have put off. Don’t get behind!

4. Do your assignments first. I know you may want to hang out with your friends as soon as you get out of class, but by doing your assignments first, you’ll ensure that they get done on time. If you do your assignments first you’ll have time to do the things you want to later in the night, like sleep.

5. If you are having trouble getting your homework done, try finding a peaceful place to work. Sometimes an all nighter is brought on because you can’t concentrate during the day.

6. Avoid studying in front of the TV. If you study in front of the TV, you’ll constantly be looking up to watch your favorite shows. Soon seconds will turn into minutes, then into hours and the next thing you know it’s midnight and your assignment is due tomorrow, so you must pull an all nighter.

7. Mark due dates. If you have large assignments or tests, mark dates on your calendar. By doing so you’ll be able to keep up assignments due dates and when you need to be studying. If you have a large assignment, break it into smaller chunks and mark dates on your calendar for when you should have each part completed. Mark down times to study each day for at least a week before a big test. Marking these dates will ensure you get everything done and won’t have to pull an all nighter.

8. Do the hardest assignments first. Getting the hard assignments out of the way first eases up the tension of doing your homework. Once the hard assignments are out of the way you can quickly do the easy assignments and avoid an all nighter.

9. Once you write down dates in a planner, stick to those dates. If you keep moving the dates, you’ll find that the due date is tomorrow and you must pull an all nighter.

10. Things Happen. Always expect things to happen. If you make a schedule for yourself that involves doing all your homework in two days for 8 hours each day, you’ll set yourself up for all nighter. Something will happen and you’ll find yourself working late into the night to make up for the lost time. Make a schedule that allows for study time, work, etc. and then make sure you have at least a couple hours that are free for things that come up.

All nighters are not fun, I’ve pulled a couple in my time at college and always felt sick the next day. A college student needs their sleep and you’ll find you’ll do a lot better on tests if you take time and sleep before a big test. Follow the above tips and avoid that dreaded all nighter.

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