Tennis Tips: Hit a Perfect Forehand

I am an avid tennis player, and ever since I picked up a racquet, my forehand has been my best and most reliable shot. I use my forehand to open up the court, hit sharp angles and overpower the player across the net. Here are some hints on easy ways to improve your forehand.

1. Keep your eye on the ball: This may seem like a childs tip but how can you expect to hit what you can’t see? Too many times, the ball takes a weird hop off the court and you end up with an ugly mishit. If you want to hit a consistantly good forehand you have to make sure you know what you’re hitting.

2. Use your legs: In tennis, your forehand depends on more than one arm to create velocity. You can generate more power on your forehand by using your leg muscles. If you bend at the knees before you strike the ball, you can push up during contact to add extra umph to help your forehand.

3. Use topspin: With the use of topspin, you can hit your forehand harder and increase your chance of getting the ball in. When you hit a forehand with topspin, the ball spins like a tire rolling away from you, this causes the ball to drop in the court, even when you whack the forehand extra hard. To add topspin to your forehand, just swing your racquet from below the waist to above the waist, while keeping the stringbed parallel to the net.

4. Rotate your shoulders: The backswing in preparation of a forehand should be made by the shoulders. Get your shoulders back as soon as possible and rotate the upper body as you swing through the ball. When you make contact with the ball your shoulders should naturally open up, which pumps up your forehand.

5. Follow through: The follow through is one of the most imporant parts of the modern forehand. Make sure you fully swing through the ball and end high, prefereably about chin height, and to the left of the body (assuming you’re right-handed). If you’re using topsin, the follow through should finish with the racquet faced toward the ground.

6. Reposition: Once you completely finish your forehand, you have to anticipate the next shot. Once you follow the finish through you should begin to move toward the center of the court. Also, you should regrip your tennis racquet to prepare to hit another forehand.

If you follow these tips, you should be well on your way to a better, stronger forehand. Remember, you’ll never get better if you dont practice, so find a partner, hit the courts, and get that forehand swinging.

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