She has a baby smile like real Latino
And her hair is so long, with a crown
She came to me and said: hello, amigo
Relax and enjoy, come to Latino town

Come with me in my loving inferno
All your stars will became a little dots
You’ll be my only brave love hero
Come, and take a few tequila shots

You’ll really love my Cinderella shoes
Latino girl will bring you to a loving sky
I’ll be your loved young Latino muse
Come and take tequila, why are you shy

Music kills a pain in hearths of angels
Your simple word can be a brave question
I’m your new star without hates, revenges
You’ll talk with tequila, and with fiesta

You’ll too be a Latino lover, and sinner
On my mind is now only a new adventure
Take fine new pants and new sweater
And come on tequila and Latino lecture

Come now to my sweet loving inferno
Not only the adventure is maybe here
Don’t be so shy, be brave loving hero
Before your Latino girlfriend disappear!

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