Terrorists Hate Our Freedom; Truth or a Failed Foreign Policy?

We all heard this mantra before; terrorists hate our freedom. That simple little phrase goes to account the motive behind every terror attack U.S faced and still faces today. Radical Islamists hate our American freedoms, they hate liberty. How many times have you heard that? That’s the reason behind war on terror, because these men hate our freedoms. In fact, one can safely assume that was the motive of the men involved in the 9-11-2001 attacks. Osama and the hijackers hated our freedoms so much, they decided to give their lives to kill some of us.

I’m sorry, but I just don’t believe it. No matter how many times it’s repeated, I just cannot believe that their hate for our freedom motivates such actions. There has got to be something else, something that’s more substantial, some kind of a motive that can hold up in court. That’s something that is never talked about, is it? The motive. We turn on our TVs and see some spot in middle east where a group of people hold up signs that read “Death to America, death to American Satan” and we just shake our heads and say “That’s a lot of freedom hating.” Funny how, American media doesn’t approach the subject besides that overly repeated mantra of “Terrorists hate our freedom.” designed to dumb us down to a level where even attempting to fathom the subject is unnecessary, because after all, we know why. Terrorists hate our freedoms.

Enough of the melodrama, I’m not here to second guess the terrorist’s motives. I just simply don’t know enough to say for sure, however I do know one thing; it’s not because they hate our freedoms. One doesn’t have to search far and wide to see the truth in that, even our beloved 9-11 commission report states that , and I quote “America’s policy choices have consequences. Right or wrong…” p376 9/11 Commission Report. That’s right, it’s our choices, or more accurately put; the government’s choices (because frankly, I don’t remember making any of these choices.) that cause these consequences.

Perhaps it was the 1953 CIA’s involvement in Iran, or later in Afghanistan, or our early support for Saddam Hussein? It could be even our support for Israel. Does it really matter, anyway? As they say, right or wrong and it’s not like we will ever witness a reasonable discussion regarding our foreign policy, much less have a choice or a vote in it.

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