Test Prep Options Outside of the U.S

In order to be admitted to any college or university, you must pass some admission tests. These will be given on a regular basis near you. To find out locations, check with your advisor. It is easy to prepare for these admission tests. Simply buy a book and find a place of solitude. Or, if you have a computer, you can jump online. There are a variety of test prep options available outside of the United States online.

Every student will need to take the SAT at the high school level. Nearly every college in the United States uses the SAT in their admission process. There are two parts to this test. One part is the Reasoning Test. This measures your critical thinking skills, which are necessary for your academic success. The Reasoning Test consists of a variety of multiple-choice questions involving reading, writing, and arithmetic. The other part is the Subject Test. This part tests a specific area. Some educational venues will choose which area for your test, others let you decide. The areas involve a general topic. The Subject Test is a good indicator of your future performance. A great site to visit for preparing for the SAT is found at www.collegeboard.com. You can sign up for free to receive practice questions and a practice test. For a fee, you can take an online course.

Another great online site for test prep options outside of the United States is found at www.kaplantest.com. Kaplan Testing Centers offer a variety of test preps throughout the world. From the SAT, LSAT (law admissions), GMAT (business school admissions), GRE (grad school admissions), to the USMLE (medical exam) – there is bound to be something for any of your interests here. Kaplan also offers a TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) test prep program. Kaplan Learning is but one test prep option available outside of the United States. Kaplan also has a test prep program for the dental admissions exam (DAT). Check out their website to get more information. Or, for students living outside the United States, call 212-997-5886 for more information.

Princeton Review offers an online course for a multitude of test preparation options outside of the United States. They offer real-time instruction including workshops with instructors. There is tutoring available along with various practice tools. Check out http://princetonreview.com to help prepare you for the following exams: SAT, ACT, GMAT, GRE, or LSAT. How cool is it to sit in front of your computer and prepare for your test? Too cool, I say.

These online sites are but a few available to provide international students and others with test preparation options outside of the United States. Check them out and marvel at our modern technology. If you do not have a home computer, go to your local library. Only you will benefit.

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