Text Messaging for Dummies

This is for those who nothing about sending a text message. If you have a simple mobile phone with LETTERS and numbers on your keypads that can probably be used for text messaging or SMS. Sending a text message can be difficult for those who are newbies to this not-so-new technology (it’s everywhere in Asia). Here are simple tips on how to start and send your first text message. If your phone is a Nokia, it is a lot more convenient because all Nokia cell phones have the same “menu”. By “menu”, I mean that one button which you press to take you to the CREATE MESSAGE or that blank space in your screen or LCD where you type your message using your phone keypad.

Here is How TO Send a Text Message – –

1.Do not be scared of using the keypads on your phone even if it’s a new phone. Play withe the keypads and observe your LCD or your screen. You probably will get numbers unil you HIT the “MENU BUTTON”.

2. The “MENU BUTTON” takes you to different sites in your LCD (phone screen).Usually, the MENU BUTTON prompts you to MAKE CALL, READ MESSAGE, CREATE MESSAGE, DIRECTORY, or whatever the extra features there are offered by your SIM card or non-sim mobile service.

3. When you get to the CREATE MESSAGE part of the menu, press the confirm button usually located beside or below the MENU BUTTON.

4. TYPE… do not be afraid of typing numbers instead of letters at first. Remember that it takes a certain “speeed” to get the letter A by typing the number 2. It all is a matter of “timing” to get the letters right. Do not be afraid of making a mistake. You can erase mistakes by pressing the back button anyway.

5. Lay and learn no matter how long your first text message takes to complete. Soon you will be able to figure out HOW one number pressed the “fast” manner can produce the thre letters each. E. G. The number 2 can be A B C. The number 3 can be D E F – and so on and so forth.It is only a matter of timing and learning more about your keypad.

6. When you have finally completed your first short text message, press the SEND button. You have now sent your first text message. It wasn’t really as difficult as you imagined!

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