Thanksgiving Breakfast Ideas

Thanksgiving Day morning is always filled with the hustle and bustle of preparing the dinner. The menu has been created and the preparation begins early to make certain the meal is perfect for the feast that will follow later in the day. However, breakfast is important especially when overnight guests begin waking up or the early risers are starting to filter in for a fun filled family weekend. The breakfast on Thanksgiving morning should be filling but not overbearing. Let’s face it; everyone is really just waiting to be stuffed with turkey, ham and mashed potatoes, not to mention Aunt Mabel’s famous pumpkin pie with more whipped topping that is really needed for one piece. These three ideas for Thanksgiving breakfast may help ease the stress of the start of the cooking preparations as well satisfy hungry bellies.

Croissants and Fruit

Croissants and various fruits are an easy breakfast to serve. Fruits such as kiwi, strawberries, blueberries, grapes and banana can be prepared quickly. Croissants can be picked up by the dozen and served with butter, honey and various types of jelly or jams. Croissants and fruits can be served in a continental style by setting up on serving trays and allowing guests to help themselves as the cooks begin preparing the menu for the dinner.


Bagels are also an excellent and easy choice to serve on Thanksgiving morning. Bagels can be picked up at the market the day before or even that morning depending on the availability. Bagels come in a variety of flavors such as blue berry, wheat, cheese and jalapeno. Picking up a mixed choice will keep everyone happy. The bagels which also come in a mini size can be served with flavored cream cheeses, butter, honey or jams.

Mini Pancakes

Mini pancakes are another choice and can be easily prepared. On Thanksgiving morning, the oven is usually in full use depending on the menu. Mini pancakes can be prepared on an electric griddle away from the oven. The mini pancakes can be served with syrup or jams.

Beverages are also a requirement for Thanksgiving morning. As the guests begin to wake, a fresh pot of coffee is a must for many to help start the day. Hot tea and fruit juices can also be served as other choices for those who do not drink coffee. No matter the choice of breakfast, Thanksgiving Day should be a time to be with friends and family.

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