That Game You Call Your Life

My phone rang today, then the caller hung up.
I had to wonder – Was it you? Was it her?
You don’t need to talk crap about me –
Start the hatred between two people,
Who really have nothing to do with each other.
Truth is, and you know this, I was always good to you.
You like to start stuff then stand back and watch.
You feel like the center of attention, valuable even,
When you are the one everyone is fighting over.
But you are not worth all that, so just stop. Stop!
You don’t need to talk crap about me- never deserved it.
Either she loves you or not – and makes you feel loved or not.
You don’t need to make me a bad guy just to feel a VIP.
So step back – find another way to be a man.
I’m working hard at keeping the peace in my corner of the world.
And if you really think about it, as much as I loved you, treasured you,
You know me man, you know me – you know my anger within.
If I feel provoked, molested or attacked, I will snap!
Suddenly, I’m not 5 foot two any more, but become 6 foot four –
You wanted her and gave up on us because of her lies, so deal with it!
If she’s not enough, if she doesn’t love you enough,
Find something else to make you feel good.
I’m not one of your tortured players anymore,
In that nasty little game of yours, that game you call your life.

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