The 2006 Kia Rio

There’s a lot to be said for the most inexpensive cars around. Unfortunately, other than the price tag, there is really nothing good to be said. I’m talking of course about the Kia, more specifically the 2006 Kia Rio. On the lot they’re cute, shiny, little pillboxes of a car. If you’re a petite woman, you might even be able to comfortably fit into one. However, the main attraction to a four door sedan is for a family to occupy. Unfortunately, the Kia Rio just doesn’t compare to other, more expensive sedans.

The size of the Kia Rio is completely impractical for all but single, friendless, tiny people. Forget about putting the kids in the backseat. A rear-facing infant carseat wouldn’t even fit in the middle backseat (where it is recommended you put it for optimum safety). The size may also be a safety issue, as it offers very little in the way of protection. A major wreck would quite certainly crush this vehicle to nothing, with you inside. Granted, the 2006 is bigger than the older models, but It’s still much too small for most car buyers’ needs.

Beyond the size and safety issues, the Rio has few optional features. Power steering, locks, windows and side speakers are $400 extra. (It’s called the “Power Package”- ha!) It doesn’t even offer a sunroof or cruise control as an option. No cruise control? It’s a good thing you can’t fit the kids back there, because those family roadtrips would have been hard without cruise control. Standard tires on a Rio measure only 14-inches with no option for a bigger size. It should also be noted that the tires are mounted with plastic covers with no other option there, either.

The Kia was specifically designed to be a cheap alternative for those who can’t afford a new car. However, it just makes more sense to buy a slighlty used, better car, doesn’t it? Or even better- spend just a few thousand more for a new, better car! It can’t affect payments that much and you need to keep practicality and safety in mind. Even if bought new, there won’t be any resale value with a Rio. Consider yourselves warned- with a Kia, you get what you paid for… very little.

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