The 2006 MTV VMA’s: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

The 2006 MTV VMA’s was a night of awards, stars, and flesh. The night was filled with performances from Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, T.I, and more. We love awards shows because we get to see our favorite celebrities in outrageous outfits and performing over the top numbers that you’ll be talking about at work the next day. But the 2006 VMA’s was all hype and no delivery. So here’s my top 10 list of the good, the bad, and the ugly at the 2006 VMA’s.

1. Beyonce = Bad
I love my Beyonce. But it just doesn’t seem like she is trying to hard anymore. Her performance of “Ring The Alarm” was so lack luster that I wanted to scream out at her to stop the performance and do something else. Her costume was a rip off of a Janet Jackson/ Madonna effect and she just didn’t WOW me. The dance break was so simple that I thought a bunch of pre-schoolers put it together.

2. Christina Aguleria = Good
Christina proves once again that she can SING. And I really mean this girl can sing. She has never disappointed me in any performance that she has done. Her heart felt performance of “Hurt” at the VMA’s was the highlight of the show. Her voice sounds AMAZING and she looked AMAZING in that red flowing dress. She totally gets my vote for best performance of the night.

3. Justin Timberlake = Good
Justin keeps claiming that he bringing “SexyBack” and show opener on the VMA’s was only slightly sexy. He first opened the show with “My Love” and then went into “SexyBack.” But I must say that his dance skills are really on point. It was nice to see Justin just dancing and watching him do what he does best.

4. Jay-Z and Nas Friendship = Good

It’s good to see that Jay-Z and Nas are still friends. They are truly what Hip-Hop should be about. They kept their beef on wax and settled their differences and have been a good about showing that. Other members of the Hip-Hop nation need to take notes on this relationship.

5. Nicole Ritchie’ss Weight Loss = Ugly

What in the world is going on with Nicole Ritchie? Can someone PLEASE fax her a happy meal and help her gain weight. I really think she thinks she doesn’t have a problem but the look on Slim Thugs face said it all when he was looking down at her.

6. Paris Hilton’s Dress = Ugly
I love Paris Hilton but that dress was HORRIBLE. It looked like it was crafted from 3 different looks from 3 different generations of fashion trends and it just didn’t come together right. But of course she is the most photographed person of the night. She loves the cameras and they LOVE her back.

7. Snoop Doggs vs The Pussy Cat Dolls = Ugly

This might get ugly cause Snoop looked mad because he was on the song that the Pussy Cat Dolls won and he wasn’t on stage. When they cut to a shot of him he didn’t look to happy. He should have been up there getting an award with the girls. So I wonder what he is going to have to say about them.

8. Fergie and Her London Outfit = Bad..Very Bad!

Fergie is out on her own doing the solo thing now without the Black Eye Peas and her single “London Bridges” is blowing up. But that didn’t stop her from being a fashion nightmare during the VMA Pre-show. I can’t begin to tell you how much I hated her outfit. She looked like she fell into a plaid tornado at the stripper girl shop. Fergie..sweetie..leave fashion alone and have someone dress you before all your next performances.

9. MTV Doesn’t Really Play Music Video Anymore = Bad

It’s weird how MTV is Music Television and started out showing the best videos and now you can hardly see a full video on the network. But yet they have a yearly Video Music Awards show…,how ironic.

10. Pink Wins for “Stupid Girls” = Good

This was probably the best award given out for the night. Pink’s song and video for “Stupid Girls” shows how the music industry has become all about sex and skin and I’m glad she won. Her song has a great message for our young girls out there. They need to be themselves and try not to copy the sexy and overly make-up’d young women in the music industry. Her song tells girls that they don’t need to look like Paris Hilton or Beyonce in order to be beautiful and it’s great that MTV still have some standards and morals left.

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