The Allure of White

White or black? Which is the color of chic? Perhaps it all depends on the wearing-who, what, when, and where. Maybe it depends on whose fashion rulebook you are using.

Whatever it is, sporting white can make a big statement. Wearing white is no longer seen as boring. Rather, it is sexy, demure, or sophisticated depending on the where and how. You can personalize an outfit of white to give it a personality that will stick out in anyone’s memory.

If you decide to wear something with volume, try to pair it with a slimmer item to avoid the totally sloppy look. After all, once you get the attention that you are craving, you want to be able to maintain it- e.g. a fitted jacket or top and sleek boots -especially, to the knee style boots, with a full skirt.

A slightly oversized bag makes more sense than a large satchel that’s big enough to hold half a dinner set of dishes. If it’s easy to clean, so much the better. White accessories, while blending in, can add a sparkle and shimmer that can liven up an outfit. Embellishments from beads and tassels to ribbons and lace can add an exciting dimension to the already perfect outfit.

Instead of worrying about white becoming dirty quickly, purchase something that’s easy to clean such as cotton or stretch cotton. Or simply be bold and wear your whites with zest and the confidence that at the moment, the outfit looks fabulous. After all, we love to add to our wardrobe constantly, and chances are, you will only have to replace part of an ensemble if the worst does happen.

Wearing white promotes a look that captivates the sightseer of fashion. It almost mesmerizes to the point of distraction. The fact, that many celebrities now choose to wear white all year long, adds to the glamour of the color.

Steer away from the typical “hot” colors of red and black for your lingerie. The color white can inspire your mate and give you an almost untouchable look that will send him burning with desire straight into your arms.

The crisp and clean look of white can give an appearance of newness, of innocence, of simplicity. Soft, sheer, and frilly can add a touch of romance. Puffy sleeves, bits of ribbon, and trimmings of lace can lend themselves to the feminine side of your nature. Fitted jackets and blouses add a sense of professionalism. Whatever you wear, make it white, and make it yours!

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