The Amazing Power of Coral Calcium

Many negative physical conditions can be attributed to an imbalance in the acidic levels in the body. The foods we ingest contain a great deal of acid, which can contribute to Acidosis – a condition that can lead to many serious ailments.
Nature provides minerals to help us keep our bodies healthy and functioning properly. Research has proven that our bodies rely on two-thirds of our daily intake being minerals, and each and every mineral has a prominent function in the body. One of these minerals is Calcium.

Calcium is commonly known and commonly used, but, as a whole, we are still not getting enough of it, even though we need Calcium twice as much as any other mineral. In areas like Okinawa, Japan, citizens are healthier because Calcium is found naturally in their drinking water, so they ingest 1000’s of miligrams of it daily.

Perhaps the best form of Calcium for us to use is Coral Calcium, which comes directly from the coral washed up on the shores of places like Okinawa. While other types of Calcium are readily available, they are not as beneficial. In most cases, Calcium Lactate, Phosphate, and Carbonate are only 5% absorbable within 20 hours of ingestion, so your body is not getting as much as you may think. Coral Calcium, however, provides you with 100% absorbable Calcium within 20 minutes or ingestion.

Coral Calcium has a natural alkalizing effect, so it is able to support the regulation of proper acidity levels. It has been accredited for helping those suffering from pain caused by over 200 diseases to live pain-free, and a recent television report claimed that Coral Calcium has the ability to “make the body heal itself.” Hundreds of people using Coral Calcium have found relief from symptoms associated with cancer, diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, osteoporosis, eczema, Alzheimer’s disease, fibromyalgia, high cholesterol, muscle cramps, kidney and gall stones, gout, indigestion, fatigue, lupus, hiatal hernia, hypertension, headaches, and more.

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