The Architect

Another one walked in
As I saw myself be so welcoming
“Sure you can come in
You’re just the guest I’ve been waiting for”
I couldn’t be happier that you’re here
I assume the rules are known
For this is where what means the most to me exist
And I know that means a lot to you, Right?
What do you mean you don’t like this room
You don’t look right in it anyways
Before I could even think….
I pushed you right back out of my house
What’s the deal with this house
No one is ever here to stay
I’m tired of living and building this house
Just then a man came too my door
I then asked him to come in
He told me to trust him to build a house for me
I could do nothing but trust him for that look in his eyes
He brought me out to a field
All I could see was a foundation made of stone
He said this is where I’ll begin
You must do what I say though
We began building on this house
And it was so amazing all that I learned
Out of that foundation we could build so many amazing things
Every time I tried to add something of my own it just wouldn’t fit into the design and would have to get torn down
I learned more and more to trust this architect the more I followed him
With time I learned nothing but building with this man and wanted to follow him forever
Just then I heard a knock at the door
The architect told me to open the door so I did
There was something so special about this person standing there
I wanted so badly to invite them in so I did
As they walked in through the door my vision of the house became clearer than ever
I realized that this person belonged here as much as I did
I didn’t mind sharing at all
And for some reason I knew they belonged there
There was not a thing this person wanted to change
Then, from that day on this person began building with me and the architect
No longer did I exist of build in vain for the lord built this house.

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