The Baby Tea Leaves Are Sleeping

If you have watched television in the last few months in the United States you have probably seen the hilarious commercial for this new drink by Snapple called white tea. For those of you who may have a life beyond the boob tube I will give a brief synopsis of the ad. A young man is on a plane and he states that he loves the new white tea drink by Snapple but asks what is white tea? We then cut to the young man walking in a field of tea plants with an old Chinese man. The old man tell that “white tea leaves are baby tea leaves and while they still have it still has a naturally light flavor, we pluck it.” The old man walks off and the young man says “That’s it? And the old man says “Yes”. If you want to see the video, Snapple has put up the ad on their site for viewing at

Ever since I saw this commercial I had to try it. Now I don’t know about you but I had the toughest time finding it at the stores here in Missouri. In fact when I went on vacation to Florida I could not find it there either. Part of the problem was I thought it was made by Lipton and not a product of Snapple, but even still it was not to be found at the logical places. I first looked at all the gas stations since that is where you can get many sodas and various iced teas in single servings. No luck. I then went to the grocery stores and looked in the tea and energy drink sections but it was not there either even though all the flavored teas were there. After extensive searching I finally found it in the soda section of the local Schnucks grocery store in the St. Peters area of Missouri. The cost was $1.49 with tax for a 17.5fl oz bottle. When I found it there were only a few left so this drink must be very popular and could be a reason why it was so hard to find. So if you are looking for it yourself try the soda section even though I do not consider it a soda product.

The teas come in various flavors, raspberry, nectarine, and green apple. There may be more but this is all I could find at the store. I personally tried the nectarine and a friend tried the raspberry. The old man in the commercial was definitely not over exaggerating when he said the tea was naturally light. The taste is very light and refreshing with no yucky after taste that some teas have. In fact the drink itself it clear with no color to it, and looks like water. For my tastes the nectarine flavoring could be a bit stronger but your tastes maybe different. My friend who tried the raspberry flavored one loved it. Another great marketing decision made with the design of the bottle involves the bottle cap. Under each cap there is what Snapple refers to as a “Real Fact”. Under my cap it says “1.3 Billion pounds of peanuts are produced in Georgia each year.” So not only do you get a great drink but you also learn a bit of trivia with each one.

For those of you who are health conscience this drink is for you. Each bottle contains 105mg of protective antioxidants. 8 fl oz is considered a serving and contains only 60 calories and 15 grams of sugar and decaffeinated. Normally a regular Snapple drink as an average of 100 calories and 24 grams of sugar. Even though you can consider this a diet drink, it tastes really good. You would only know it was this healthy for you if you read the small print on the bottle comparing it to their regular drinks.

On the whole it may be hard to find but the taste and price is well worth the time in finding it.

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