The Baby’s Smile

There are few things that can bring joy to a weary heart, but the smile of a baby; if you ever take the time to look, can bring even the most doleful man or woman to crack a smile. The fat cheeks of the face imbues a sense of innocence from this tainted world that we ourselves have been subjected to; and although we know that innocence will wither over time, we are reminded of how we once were.

The smile of a baby does more wonders for the world, than much of anything else I suppose. In the smile is hope, a trait that we all need to press through the day with its stresses and woes. Sadly as we grow older our smiles become a vehicle of apprehension, hidden agendas of vice and malice; and if we do smile for a noble reason, it must be prompted by a situation that makes sense: not so with the baby. A silly face made by an older person or a flamboyant sound brings with it a cheeky grin; for it does not have to make sense for to the baby all is nonsense.

So whenever you see a baby smile, remember the hope that is there and you’ll soon comprehend that there is hope in you; hope in life; and hope in the One who made the smile.

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