The Bartlett Tennessee Animal Shelter

The Bartlett Animal Shelter is run by the City of Bartlett in Tennessee. (Bartlett is a suburb of Memphis) They rely on the kind hearts of the many volunteers that give their time and/ or donations. The shelter is located at 5220 Shelter Run Lane in Bartlett, Tennessee. They have dogs and cats from babies to adults.

I have personally adopted three animals from the Bartlett shelter: two dogs and a cat. The first animal I adopted from the shelter was a kitten that I have named Vegas. Vegas was adopted in order to be a companion for a kitten I rescued from the middle of a busy intersection. Her name is Siren. Vegas’ pregnant mother was brought in to the shelter after being abandoned in a local parking lot. So, Vegas and his siblings were all born here in Bartlett, Tennessee at the shelter. Vegas has since grown into a very handsome, playful, and lovable cat.

My second adoption from the shelter was a female dog approximately one year old. She was given the name Sierra. Sierra had a sad beginning. She had a family until one day when she somehow got hit by a car. Her owners, either not wanting to deal with the dog anymore, or not being able to afford veterinary bills, dropped her off in a parking lot. After an anonymous tip, the Bartlett Animal Shelter found Sierra and brought her in.

At this point, Sierra’s injuries were already a couple of days old. Any other shelter would have probably put her to sleep. But, thanks to the wonderful people at the Bartlett Animal Shelter, in Tennessee, Sierra was saved. She still has a large scar on her back leg, and the leg is no longer bendable. Despite a limp, Sierra is still able to play and run just as fast as other dogs. If it were not for this shelter, Sierra would probably not be with us today, and I cannot express how much happiness Sierra has brought to our family. Sierra and I are eternally grateful for the Bartlett Animal Shelter in Bartlett, Tennessee.

Sierra decided that she needed a playmate, so that brought me back to the Bartlett Animal Shelter for the third animal I adopted from them, a puppy. His name was Dagwood the day I adopted him, but his name was changed to Dakota, and he loves his new name. Dakota also had a rough start. Dakota and his siblings were abused by their previous owner. Last winter was pretty cold for Memphis, and we even got a little bit of snow. During this spell of cold weather, Dakota and his siblings were placed in a cardboard box and left outside. After the snow melted they somehow made it to the shelter. Unfortunately, they had already developed some sort of fungus on their skin that made all of their fur fall out. So, on his adoption day, Dakota looked a little strange. Each week Dakota was brought back to the shelter for a special bath until he finally had fur. Now he has a beautiful coat!

The Bartlett Animal Shelter has many animals available for adoption. Shelter animals know how lucky they are and will thank you with lots of love and kisses. If you are considering a pet, stop by the shelter. Your next family member may be waiting for you to adopt him or her. Since the shelter is located in Bartlett, Tennessee, it is easy to get to from any Memphis neighboorhood.

For the month of September adoptions are half price! That means the adoption fee is only $32.50! This includes shots and spaying or neutering. If you would like more information about adopting an animal or volunteer opportunities, please call the shelter at (901) 385-6484.

The Bartlett Animal Shelter also accepts donations. Put supplies such as leashes, bedding, indestructible toys, food and litter are all greatly appreciated.

“Please Help Save A Life And Give A Shelter Dog Or Cat A Forever Home!”

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