The Basic Needs for Anyone Expecting a Baby!

Recently I was asked by a friend of mine what kind of things you really need when you have a baby. I just had my second son and my first son is almost 3. She is going to be a single mother and she really doesn’t have a lot of money. Babies are expensive but expenses can really add up when you aren’t sure what you need. There are tons of things out there and although they may look cute, half the stuff you really don’t need.

The basic things you need at first are a crib, dresser, stroller, baby hangers, pacifiers (if baby uses them), diapers, wipes, diaper rash cream, clothes, car seat, swing or baby seat, bottles, and formula if you don’t plan to breastfeed. Some optional things are a pack and play, these are nice to have if you get the ones with the built bassinet, or if you travel a lot or have house with an upstairs, it’s easier to let the baby lay in there and also good for changing diapers. If you do plan to breastfeed though, you may need to buy a breast pump, the electric ones are good if your child is going into daycare or you plan on going back to work. The manual ones take longer.

The basic clothes that you must have when you are first starting out are onsies, sleepers, bibs, socks, blankets, wash clothes, and outfits. You only need a couple of each of this if you can only afford a few of each, but you will be doing laundry more often. Check out thrift stores and sale racks to save some money, remember they only where them for a few months so don’t spend a huge amount of money on them. You could also have a baby shower to let some of your friends and family help out with all the stuff you need.

Depending on where you live, there may even be a clinic or center to help out if you are under a certain income level and need help. Another way to help out with formula is to sign up on the website of the formula you use, they send formula checks for money off and free samples. You may also qualify for WIC, which helps pregnant women and children under 5 years of age. You should check your local phone book for the social services office in your area. Don’t be ashamed to ask for help, it is there for people who need help. The WIC area here actually lends out electric breast pumps and the health department also has a program for parents and grandparents to rent car seats for children, it is based on your income what you will pay.

There is help out there for people who need it, you just need to call around and ask, just be honest. I have met single mothers though who do need help, and even some younger families who are just starting out. It is hard to raise a family and afford everything, but you can do it! If you buy used or have people giving you stuff just beware of safety issues with older cribs and used car seats, they aren’t always safe.

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