The Bay School of San Francisco

The Bay School of San Francisco is a private co-ed high school housed in a renovated turn of the century army barracks located in the Presidio of San Francisco. It’s landscape offers beauty and serenity which aids in study and work. It was founded in 2004 by Father Malcolm Manson, a senior Episcopal priest and former head of both Cathedral School for Boys and the Marin Country Day School. The School is intended to help teens understand our world as it is evolving and changing, while informing them in how they can help advance the human race. It offers a variety of sports, including but not limited to: Girls Volleyball, Girls and Boys Basketball, Girls and Boys Soccer, Cross Country, Sailing, Weight Training, Yoga, Baseball, Softball and Track and Field.

It is the philosophy of the school that in order to learn, students must be fit physically, therefore; each student is required to perform 4 hours of physical activity every week under school supervision. The exercise plan is aided by fully organic, healthy meals cooked from scratch inside the school. The students also have access to a chaplain, a retired Buddhist monk who can be confided in and used by anyone.

Although location and health are parts of school, the most important part of any school, and at the Bay School, academics are second to none. Courses at the Bay School run for one trimester (3 months) and last 85 minutes. Some courses offered include: Humanities, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Astrophysics, Robotics, Digital Literacy, Digital Film, French, Spanish, Mandarin, Foreign Policy, U.S. History, Math, Statistics and Studio art, among others. Classes are usually more hands-on the normal in high school, which helps instill a deeper understanding of the concepts studied.

Social life at the bay school is unlike any other school, with students free to voice opinions in weekly “gatherings”, or share announcements in the daily Morning meetings. There are three dances per year, and 3 or 4 “movie nights” where the students vote for their favorite two movies, then come and watch them in the evening on large projectors.

In short, the Bay School is a place where students can excel in academia, sports, and in social pursuits while having fun.

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