The Benefits of Having Solar Lighting in Your Landscaped Yard

When most people think about lighting their yard, they immediately think of the different types of things that they can do to enhance the view when seen at night. They want to achieve a well-landscaped scene without a look that seems out of place. They also understand that the new look should provide sufficient illumination, while drawing the attention of any passing onlookers.

Solar powered lights may be just what the doctor ordered. Solar lights provide a natural power source called the sun to generate power. They use Photovoltaic cells or solar panels located inside the lights to store energy from the sun, collected in the daytime hours, which is later used a no cost source of lighting at night.

One of the main benefits of solar powered lights is that there are no wires to connect, nothing to plug-in and the intensity of the light is comparable to a low voltage lighting source. Solar lighting provides an optimal lighting source, which is more than capable of lasting through the entire night. In order to obtain the maximum benefits, it is recommended that the fixtures be placed in a position where they will catch the direct light from the sun during the daytime hours.

Solar powered lights can be used in many places in your yard such as driveways, stairs and paths, or entryways. They can also be installed in water features or can be used as spotlights. In addition to adding an additional show feature to your landscaping, they also add value to your home. But most important of all, they enhance the overall safety of your yard at night.

Your home is also less likely to be targeted by thieves or vandals as well, when it is properly lighted using solar powered lighting or an alternative lighting source. Due to the recent rise in demand for solar powered lighting, they have recently fallen in price, and are more reasonably priced than in times past.

Professional installation tips

For each grouping of 2-6 lights, make sure that you use a maximum of 240 watts, because this will prevent one area of your yard from being over lighted. Make sure that your lighting is not located in a position that will keep your neighbors up all night due to the constant lighting source. The proper use of shields can be very beneficial when trying to accomplish this task.

If you are planning to spotlight a landscaped feature, be careful to use 2-3 fixtures instead of one bright light because this will give you a softer effect, and will also minimize glare. Be careful to experiment with different angles to obtain optimal results.

Solar powered lighting is very energy efficient, and gives you flexible installation, while yielding an appropriate return in the value of your property.

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