The Benefits of Having a Thickness Planer for Your Wood Shop

Do you have a wood shop equipped with just the basic tools? Then you might be interested in adding something that is nice to have but not so imperative. One of these luxury tools is called a thickness planer. A lot of people will hold off purchasing a thickness planer, some will never buy one all together. People who choose not to buy this tool can be reasons of its size and limited function. With a thickness planer it has one basic function.

The intentions of a thickness planer, is exactly as it is called. By using this tool you can create smooth shaped boards with constant thickness. A thickness planer can be an important tool because it allows you to take an irregular piece of wood and level it to a thickness needed for a project. This tool can also be used for projects that need sides or parts to adjoin together. This can be very useful towards leveling off sides to a drawer to make the grooves fit perfectly.

Sometimes there can be size differences from purchased wood boards at the lumber shop. If you are working on a project to which size does not matter, then it is not a problem. However, that is not always the case. With a thickness planer you can easily plane the wood to create accurate sized boards for your project. Having this tool also allows you to freely keep random pieces of wood like old lumber, pallets, and floorboards. Which can save you time and effort of searching through the lumberyard for the exact size.

Another handy reason to owning a thickness planer is that you can buy rough wood from a lumberyard at a cheaper price. Again, you would use this tool to shape it to size. Aside from correcting the wood size, a thickness planner can fix your wood by taking off paint or water damages.

The idea of having something with only one function should not stop you from buying this great tool. As you can see there are many practical and money saving reasons to buying a thickness planner. With the current times, this tool is now generally manageable and affordable.

If you should decide to purchase a thickness planner, then a 12-13″ model will be acceptable for most home wood shops. Some of the highly recommend models are Grizzly G0505, DeWalt DW735R, and Delta 22-580. There are several designs available to you, do consider where you will using your thickness planner and comfort level when selecting the right model.

You may just find owning a thickness planer was a much needed tool for your wood shop.

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