The Benefits of a Themed Wedding in Las Vegas

Las Vegas isn’t just a place people go to elope anymore. There are lots of personalized, beautiful wedding packages to choose from that can make a wedding in Las Vegas a truly memorable event.

Many Las Vegas wedding packages include a reception or reception hall, hotel room, catering, and even bachelor/bachelorette parties. Wedding ceremonies that reflect a couple’s religious and spiritual beliefs are also available with most Las Vegas wedding packages.

If you’re searching for a Las Vegas wedding package online, you can find a personalized wedding quote on most wedding hotel sites by inputting your name, email address, and the date of your wedding. You’ll find a number of suggestions that are within your budget. Both indoor and outdoor weddings are available, and you can even opt to purchase flower or photo packages. You can choose the type of meal you want at the reception (most hotels offers either a deli-style appetizer menu or a dinner selection), and reception decorations are taken care of in many cases; this feature come as part of your wedding package, so you should have a hand in choosing the theme and color scheme for your wedding reception as well. These features are usually more appealing for people who want to get married in Vegas, but still prefer a more traditional wedding ceremony. Most packages also include a free limo ride to and from the wedding ceremony (but don’t forget to tip the driver).

If you want a themed wedding, Las Vegas is definitely the place to hold your ceremony. The most popular wedding package is the Viva Las Vegas, and the ceremony takes place in the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel. If you choose to purchase this package, your payment will cover chapel time, a video of the ceremony, a photo package, a flower package, and a chapel fee. Themed weddings in Las Vegas can also include impersonators, for an additional fee. You could have an Elvis impersonator sing at your wedding, accompanied by hula dancers, dancing to the tune of the Hawaiian wedding song. The outfits you choose for your wedding could reflect this theme, and you could even request that your guest dress in Hawaiian-inspired outfits. Of course, other impersonators are available as well. If you’re not much of an Elvis fan, ‘Donna Summer’, ‘Cher’, or ‘Marilyn Monroe’ may be available to sing a number or two at your special ceremony.

In addition to the Viva Las Vegas wedding packages, other themed wedding packages, like the Egyptian package, are available, where ‘King Tut’ presides as minister. Or, you could have a Godfather-themed wedding complete with mobster characters. The Camelot Wedding Package is rather popular as well, and includes medieval costumes and a wedding ceremony performed by Merlin the Magician.

It’s a good idea to make your wedding reservations as soon as possible once you decide to get married in Las Vegas. The impersonators and ceremony officiates have to be booked as far in advance as possible, so make sure you don’t have to settle for your second choice if at all possible. And, since Las Vegas is full of wedding packages that may interest you, it’s also a good idea to ‘shop around’ before making a final decision; in most cases, you can find a package with similar features to a more expensive package or deal, and you can use the money you have left over to make your honeymoon extra special.

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